CORRECTION: Last week’s story “Final Bell Rings for Westchester Secondary” misidentified the school’s original location and thus incorrectly stated that First Baptist Church of Westchester had shuttered. That congregation remains active; it’s Westchester Christian Church that closed to make way for new housing.

Capacity vs. Sanity
Re: “Building’s Fate Looms Over Mar Vista,” news, April 13

It appears that the L.A. Department of City Planning will approve just about anything nowadays. We need more housing, so let’s build it. Regardless of wether it fits in with the surrounding community. Density is the way to go. The traffic it will cause is irrelevant.

This new development in Mar Vista to create 77 rental units sets aside only seven units for affordable housing. Will this really help in our housing shortage? If someone who earns just over minimum wage is really able to afford one of these units, they’ll apparently have to fight for one.

In Westchester they tore down a church and displaced a charter school at La Tijera Boulevard and Sepulveda Eastway in order to build a five-story apartment complex. Behind this complex is a residential neighborhood of single-family dwellings and few duplexes. How does this fit in with the community? It doesn’t, but our Planning Department gave it the OK.

Both Sepulveda and Venice boulevards are gridlocked every morning and evening. This building to maximum capacity thing needs to stop.

Glen Kacena

City Hall Can’t Be Trusted

Re: “Building’s Fate Looms Over Mar Vista,” news, April 13

The many faces of L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin once again make news. Mayor Eric Garcetti and the council are committed to increasing the density of Los Angeles for, I believe, the tax largesse they feast upon. That Bonin is “primed” to oppose the seven-story building with 77 housing units goes against his modus operandi of build, build, build — especially homeless and low-cost housing whenever and wherever he can make a deal.

Against the strident objections of the homeowners in the Venice area where I live, Bonin offered well-orchestrated venting opportunities at public meetings after the giveaway to developers had already been decided.

I remember the original single-story property at 12444 Venice Blvd. because it was the site of my first Westside medical office when I joined the Mar Vista Medical Group in 1975. When the group disbanded in the early 1980s, the property became a two-story mini mall, which is now ready for the wrecking ball to make way for this seven-story monster that will be the tallest building in Mar Vista. When will City Hall listen to us? We cannot trust Bonin or his ilk until they respond to our needs.

Jerome P. Helman, M.D.