The Silence is Deafening

Re: “Erasing Black Venice,” Cover Story, April 27

Hopefully Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin has more to say than was quoted in the story. The situation certainly presented a perfect opportunity to voice support for not only the protection of Venice’s black heritage, but also our dwindling African American community. It presented a similar opportunity to take policy leadership on, or at least demonstrate thoughtful engagement in, issues of historic preservation in general.

Silence, on the other hand, would constitute a statement of its own.

All these issues bring to light conflicting values that are causing a lot of soul-searching in our community. Let’s hope the council office will take the opportunity to express its values affirmatively.

David Ewing, Venice

What Venice Really Needs

Re: “Venice Needs to Sober Up,” Opinion, May 4

I read “Venice Needs to Sober Up” and concluded the writer was drunk as hell.

What has negatively “transformed the lives of all Venice residents” is not having too many places to socialize and build friendships and community. Rather, it’s having too many realtors (like the author) who have unceasingly damaged and destroyed Venice and driven the middle and working class people out of town. Smashing small houses and putting up multimillion-dollar ugly mini-mansions has damaged my neighborhood, not my access to a local beer.

The spoiled little rich kids that these realtors are luring into Venice are replacing our local bars with places that serve $15 fancy cocktails and $24 quinoa-and-kale salad, or whatever the hell those people eat.

Venice needs more local dive bars.

Jack Schwartz, Venice


Re: “Venice Needs to Sober Up,” Opinion, May 4

I think the author is full of it. Venice has never been a sleepy town.

Very Awake

I would have to agree with the comment above, and add that 2,000 Snap Inc. employees running around in flocks with wallets full of cash and $3,000 laptops hasn’t helped with the homeless situation either.

Westminster Ave.

False. What new liquor license has been issued for any establishment between Pacific Avenue and the Venice Pier in the last 10 years other than Simmzy’s, a nice restaurant with only a beer-and-wine license?


I’ll bet the loved ones of 23-year-old deceased firefighter Ron Herens, killed In Venice by what appears to be a drunk driver, would agree with the author (“Firefighter Killed in Crash,” News, April 13).


Re: “Erasing Black Venice,” Cover Story, April 27

Huge congrats to Sue Kaplan for organizing. Development is inevitable; destroying our community is not.