Keep the Good Advice Coming

Re: “The Advice Goddess” by Amy Alkon

I live in Woodland Hills but am in the Santa Monica/Venice area every weekend, where I pick up The Argonaut. The one thing I look forward to is Amy Alkon’s column. As a 65-year-old guy who has been reading advice columns such as Dear Abby and Ann Landers since childhood, I think her column is far superior. It’s funny, witty, well written, interesting and right on point with mature wisdom and a sense of humor.

Howard Fields

Woodland Hills


Few Benefits to Development Boom

My family has lived in Marina del Rey for over 20 years. It is so sad to see Los Angeles County destroy this beautiful place. I would like them to explain how creating $100 million of development is improving quality of life.

Every day at Marina Strand Colony I, on Via Dolce between Marquesas Way and Tahiti Way, we are dealing with construction along Via Marina: massive apartment buildings going up across from The Cheesecake Factory, the project at Marquesas and Via Marina, the Parcel 9 wetlands park and two new Marriott hotels, and the ongoing sewage line replacement project.

Please explain how local taxpayers should deal with the noise, pollution and traffic.

Please explain how all this additional revenue to the county will be reinvested into our community.

Where are all the children that will live in all these apartments go to school? Where will they play: Mother’s Beach, which received an “F” cleanliness grade from Heal the Bay?

And after all the new residents move in, how will you address the traffic? Is there a traffic plan for evacuation of the marina in case of emergency?

Molly HarnerMarina del Rey


Marina del Rey is One Big Construction Site

I hope these photos will help to describe the deplorable conditions on Via Marina, Marquesas Way and Tahiti Way in the otherwise lovely area called Marina del Rey.

The massive construction project and sewer renovation work, now already a year in duration, has created enough dirt to turn green street signs black. This same dirt is blown around by the almost constant breezes here. And the smell of the open sewers is disgusting.

Even the local mourning doves are rebelling by building nests in the sheltered garages of neighboring apartment houses, preferring car exhaust to the pollution and noise outside.

A little consideration by those in charge to contain the open constructions’ vistas of dirt and to seal off the sewers properly at the end of the work day would be greatly appreciated!

Barbara Black, Marina del Rey



Re: “The Future Heart of Del Rey: A developer reimagines Marina Marketplace as a residential and retail campus with 658 new apartments,” News, July 13

I’m excited about this new development. Building additional housing in the area is a benefit to the community. However, I would be sad to see the Barnes & Noble go. Joe N.


I oppose this development. It is already crowded and hard to find parking at the local shops. Marina del Rey should remain a comfortable community.

Judy Platus