More Security at Beyond Baroque

Re: “Concertgoers Foil Stabbing Attempt at Beyond Baroque,” News, July 27

Beyond Baroque will offer complimentary memberships to members of the audience who attended “The Lit Show with Suzi Williams” on Saturday, July 22. Please note that this event was not produced in-house by Beyond Baroque; Beyond Baroque provides security for all of the shows that Beyond Baroque produces, and from now on we will make sure that other producers hire security as a condition for using the premises.

Richard Modiano

Executive Director,
Beyond Baroque


Bike Paths to Nowhere

Re: “City Will Restore Traffic Lanes on Vista Del Mar,” News, July 27

I haven’t actually seen anyone use the new bike lanes on Culver and Jefferson boulevards, but suppose someone did. Where do they go when they get to Lincoln?

Traffic, pedestrian and bicyclist issues are real. We need competent professionals to assess it all and come up with real solutions, not the kneejerk political moves we’ve seen. There’s no traffic design solution that will protect likely compromised pedestrians and drivers in the dark of the night on a road through a tidal swamp.

It seems unusual to spend tax dollars running “experiments.” How much money has been wasted putting down what looked like permanent lane markers, scraping them up to reconfigure, then putting highly distracting white plastic things along the too narrow traffic lanes?

Bill Hart, Marina del Rey



Re: “Cell Tower Bill Gets Bad Reception,” News, July 20

The flipside of this bill is that local governments, including Santa Monica, have made the process of putting up new cellular equipment very long and unnecessarily complicated. Most of us do not have landlines in our home; everything is mobile. And the coverage in Santa Monica from all three major carriers is awful. We are supposed to be “Silicon Beach,” but at every turn city officials delay the installation process — making Santa Monica look silly, frankly. Time to get it done. Get those towers upgraded and add more. It will be safer and more efficient for everyone.

Daniel Houze