Affordable Housing Backlash is ‘Fake News’

Re: “No Middle Ground on Venice Median Project,” News, Aug. 3

I was amazed that this article passes for journalism. It seems to be largely based on the minor but vociferous opposition expressed at the Venice Community Housing Corporation’s open community meeting on the Dell-Pacific affordable housing project on June 27 at the Pacific Resident Theatre. Details of the ‘community meeting’ mentioned in the article were missing — and that may be because out of the roughly 40 people there, only about a quarter loudly and rudely opposed the project (no matter what was said).

The rest of those who attended posed thoughtful and challenging questions, listened to the answers, and many even supported the project! To pretend this article’s title or the noisy opposition to the project contained within accurately represents the thoughts and feelings of the community is, well … fake news.

For many longtime Venetians who care that Venice remains diverse and support all members of the community, this project is a work-in-progress we wholeheartedly support.

Judy Branfman, Venice


Heavy Handed Affordable Housing Plans

Re: “No Middle Ground on Venice Median Project,” News, Aug. 3

Why aren’t L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin and fellow city leaders proposing projects like this in their own neighborhoods, instead of pigeonholing them into Venice? Being inclusive of all neighborhoods would demonstrate their belief in the success of such projects. Spreading homeless/affordable housing throughout our city also creates diversity and varied interactions among all people.

Renderings of the Venice Median Project buildings show gigantic, flat-faced concrete structures with no setbacks and little variation in details. Their height dwarfs the surrounding neighborhoods, echoing the new Venice McMansions Movement rather than the longstanding variety of Venice home styles that integrate green areas.

Even before Bonin announced this project, the public has been excluded from meaningful dialogue and decision-making with him and his colleagues. This is unfortunate, given the creative people living in Venice and the ideas they can offer.

Stewart Oscars, Venice