Don’t Turn Venice into Silicon Valley

Re: “No Middle Ground on Venice Median Project,” News, Aug. 3

I was incredibly disappointed to read the recently published article on the proposed affordable housing development at Dell and Pacific avenue. You have only quoted opponents of this project in the article, one of them noted as “distrustful of almost any development that Bonin supports.” What about
the supporters?

Affordable housing is not the death of Venice. It is the only way we can avoid becoming Silicon Valley, where even Facebook employees are living in their vehicles because of astronomical rent prices.

We cannot transform Venice into a community that is only affordable to the highest earners. People who work in Venice should be able to live in Venice.

The residents of the proposed apartment complexes — the formerly homeless and those who narrowly avoided homelessness — would be those people who made this neighborhood something we all want to protect. We should work together toward making Venice a sustainable community for everyone who has contributed to making it a vibrant, incredible place to live.

Devon Greene, Venice



Re: “Mike Bonin’s Wrong Turn,” Editorial, Aug. 3

Why is no one willing to acknowledge that Culver Boulevard and Pershing Drive were subject to awful congestion before the road diet?

Why does no one acknowledge that traffic needed to be slowed on both roads for the safety and quality of life of those who live and work in the area?

All we hear is “I had an awesome commute before the traffic measures were put in place by the evil Bonin, and now my life is in shambles.”

I don’t buy it, and I appreciate the efforts being made to make traffic in our neighborhood
safer and saner.



I love the new bicycle lanes in Playa del Rey, and the slower streets are great. A lot of residents in Playa del Rey like the changes and feel that we want to stop our town from being somewhere that commuters speed through.

P. Seymour