Art Begets Wonderful Things

There is a wonderful art show happening at the Talesman Gallery at Bergamot Station opening from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, and continuing through Oct. 14. The art is created by members of OPICA, which is a day care program for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia or Parkinson’s symptoms. They do art as part of their special program with art therapists, some of them for the first time. The art is amazing, and sales proceeds support OPICA. My husband had Alzheimer’s and went to OPICA for many years.  See the wonderful things art brings out in people.

Anne Goldfarb, Mar Vista

Flood Control Levees Are Worth Saving

Re: “And Finally, It Begins: Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project EIR is Complete,” News, Sept. 14

Back when Ballona Creek was a “more natural, sinuous channel” and native flora and fauna were not bothered by the “concrete armored levees” the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers installed along it (and virtually the entire length of the Los Angeles River), vast areas in Los Angeles suffered catastrophic flooding. Since the concrete was installed, there has been no catastrophic flooding in Los Angeles.

Is it worth risking the kind of flooding in Los Angeles that we have seen recently in Houston, New Orleans and other cities by replacing concrete levees with earthen levees in order to make the creek and the river more natural and easier to look at? Not to my mind. I say let the existing massive and eminently successful flood control system, the heart of which is the concrete-lined flood control channels, remain just as it is.

Gene Pomerantz

Marina del Rey


It’s Chaos on Maxella Avenue

As a resident of Marina del Rey, I would like to call attention to those living in their vans along Maxella Avenue on the same side of the street as the Tierra del Rey apartment buildings. They have set up residency permanently and never move. They discard their trash on the sidewalk, and when changing their clothes that act is completed there also.

Please, we would like our street and sidewalk back to enjoy walking again, which is not very pleasant when they open the doors to cool down or air out the interiors of their vans. Residents have previously reported the issue to the city, but nothing was accomplished. At one point there was the suggestion that the police department place “no parking” signs along one side of Maxella, but nobody followed through.

The van dwellers do not park on the opposite side of Maxella, where the condos are located. On the side next to the apartments, vehicles are abandoned for months at a time. Guests or deliveries cannot even park on this side of the building due to those who have set up camp with apparently no plans to leave anytime soon.

We are paying sky-high rents in this area, while the van dwellers share the same address. There are apartment residents on the first floor who have this view from their homes and balconies. There should be an ordinance that prevents permanent parking, camping or setting up residency in vans on Maxella. Just within a week, more have parked and moved in. Is there anyone out there listening? Or is it like they say: out of sight, out of mind?

Leslie Michele Clarke

Marina del Rey



Re: “A Life Built on Love: The Rev. Steven Weller, chaplain for Venice’s homeless, saw value in all people,” In Memoriam, Sept. 14

The funeral for Rev. Weller was standing room only and heartwarming. It was an honor to attend. Let us hope that Regina Weller, his partner in work and life, will be able to continue the work they did together. There are many ways to help people, but few do it with such love and selflessness. Linda Lucks


Re: “OnStage: The Week in Local Theater,” Westside Happenings, Aug. 24

I saw “The World is My Home: The Life of Paul Robeson” at Santa Monica Playhouse and highly recommend it. I learned a lot, including his connection to Barack Obama. Go see it when it returns.

Martin Cohen


Re: “Nevertheless, She Persisted: Bettye LaVette has earned her place on the mantle of soul divas,” Arts & Events, Sept. 21

“By the time her imperiously ravaged vocals have finished excavating unimagined depths of emotion from a song, it has been, well and truly, righteously sung.” THAT part!! Bless you Sister LaVette!!!

Tammy Brandon