CORRECTION: Our Nov. 2 article “Redemption Songs,” about the documentary “Mighty Ground,” reported an incorrect date for a screening of the film in Playa Vista. We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience it caused.

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Do Nothings’

Re: “What’s Best for Ballona?” News, Nov. 2. (Please turn to page 8 in this week’s issue for a follow-up story.)

I’m sure Mr. Lamb, Dr. Longcore and others had more to say about Ballona than The Argonaut could relate, but if their overarching gripe is to argue over seman-
tics and whether we call this restoration, creation, reconstruction or something else, then the future of Ballona is promising.

We don’t give a rat whether the Do Nothings call it fake habitat or an alien invasion from Jupiter. We just want them to get out
of the way so we can get our wetlands back.

Let the Do Somethings tear out the fill dirt, weeds, trash, bicycle chop shops, gas wells and concrete, and replace them with wetlands vegetation, daily tidal exchange, blue water channels, clams, worms, birds and walking trails, like we’ve already done so successfully at San Dieguito, Bolsa Chica, Malibu, etc. Just get out of our way!!!

David Kay, Playa Vista


The High Cost of Transient Techies

Re: “Still Standing Tall: A Controversial Mar Vista Development is Moving Forward Despite Concerns about Height and Scale,” News, Oct. 19

Regarding developer Pamela Day’s highlighted quote, the developer’s “goal” is really to capitalize on the (overpaid and non-saving) transient tech community, for whom excessively high rents are not an issue.

This comes at the expense (in quality of life and sense of scale) of the actual community of permanent residents and the
Mar Vista community at large.

Call a spade a spade.

J. Kurland, Marina del Rey



Re: “The Politics of Tragedy: Fatal crash in Venice casts a bitter shadow as Bonin’s opponents pull recall papers,” News, Nov. 2

These recall people are disgusting. Blaming Bonin for a traffic fatality is like blaming the leader of the anti-war movement for military casualties. He is the leading voice for traffic safety in Los Angeles. The leaders of the recall campaign have been demanding the city eliminate and de-fund its traffic safety programs.

Mark Collins


It’s sickening that people would stoop to such a vile level to take advantage of a grieving family. These recall proponents had their chance last year during the election, and the voters overwhelmingly picked Bonin. These recall backers have no decency or shame.

Pete Brown


Shame on people using the tragic death of a pedestrian to further a political agenda to remove Councilman Bonin from office for trying to improve road safety. They are against him for trying to do more, and now they are criticizing him for not doing enough — which is it? This is clearly a pathetic, ironic and Trumpian twist using alt-right shock jocks to promote the egomaniacal ambitions of two failed council candidates and a wannabe in the overwhelmingly progressive community of Venice. Bonin was reelected last year by almost 70% of the vote. Some people just can’t get enough attention.

Linda Lucks