More Local History Lost

Re: Local History’s Days Are Numbered: 28 Places Westsiders loved and lost in the past 5 years,” Nov. 30


Our tally of beloved Westside businesses lost in the midst of skyrocketing real estate values triggered a tsunami of emails and social media posts highlighting many that weren’t on the list. Roosterfish came up a lot, but we’re hoping it’ll have the same cultural cache when it reopens early next year.


You missed a place near and dear to my heart: Café Mermaid on Panay Way, which closed on Sept. 18, 2013. I had been a patron since December 2005 and now proudly display the Café Mermaid stained glass in my apartment window (plus other Mermaid memorabilia on my front door).  I was so honored when Jenny chose me to take the pieces home. Many Mermaid patrons migrated to Joni’s Coffee Roaster Café afterwards. Not sure if there are many (or any) places left to go for community and connection in the marina.

Ina Barish

Liquid Kitty: home of punk rock bbqs, martinis, and the Low Life.

Danny Landau


Tortilla Grill at the northeast corner of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and California Avenue. Great steak nachos and taco salad. A couple tables on the AK sidewalk where you could bring your dog, chow down, and relax in a quiet setting.

Stewart Oscars


Roll ‘n Rye Deli closed when owner Rita Zide retired in 2014. Tub’s Fine Chili closed shortly after the passing of owner Rick Tubs. “Rancher” Rick was featured on an episode of Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Tally Yee


Wildflour (Pizza) on Main Street and the Art Deco post office at Fifth Street and Arizona Avenue.

David Duchrow


Marix Tex Mex on Entrada Drive. Monsoon in Third Street Promenade. Wildflour on Main Street. Buddha’s Belly at Broadway and Second Street. Brick House Kitchen on Hampton Drive.

Andi Curl


The Grinder at Sepulveda and Manchester boulevards. Café Edelweiss. Crest House — I’d been a regular since 1972; it closed October 2006. Cousin Cheryl’s, between the twin towers on Admiralty Way. The restaurant business is tough!

Joe Young


Taurus Tavern, Buffalo Chips and The Oar House!

Rick Swinger


3 Square Café on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Diane Laurino


Busters Baskets!

Tracy McLaughlin


World Cafe on Main Street was really nice back in the day.

James J. Gutierrez