Don’t Be Part of the Problem

Re: “Last Call at Joni’s” and “Local History’s Days Are Numbered,” Cover Stories, Nov. 30

Your stories about the demise of places that make the Westside feel like a community is blind to the fact that your newspaper is built upon that destruction.

The realtors your paper is financially dependent upon are a major force (along with developers) in tearing down human-sized homes and driving out the middle class from our community. Jeez — you had a full-page advertisement in the Nov. 9 issue for a $10-million property at 845 Venice Blvd. The seven existing homes are probably going to be torn down and replaced with a grotesquely ugly millionaire’s enclave.

Another example: the double-lot monstrosities going up along Morningside Way from Walgrove Avenue west to Penmar Avenue in Venice. Let’s face it. The parasites who are driving out the middle class are your bread and butter. The people who are moving in are going to be hiding behind their tall hedges and iron gates.

The gentrifiers who can now afford to live around here are not the people who eat, drink and shop in affordable restaurants, bars and stores. They are going to be photographing and slurping up $28 arugula salads and $17 cocktails or whatever the hell it is they eat and drink. They are going to get their groceries driven over to them from Whole Foods, because they don’t want to bother with the chore of shopping. Me, I like the human interaction of going shopping.

The vultures are tearing apart our community. Your paper is either part of the problem or part of the solution. Which is it going to be?

Jack Schwartz



Good Reads

Re: Cover and This Week stories, Dec. 14

“Road to Nowhere: Manchester Square is a last resort for L.A.’s down and out, but soon this Westchester neighborhood will disappear ” and “Views from the Water’s Edge: #TurningTheTide campaign founder Cristina Mittermeier’s vivid photographs bring indigenous peoples into conversations about a planet in crisis” were outstanding. More!

Wayne Johnson, PhD

Santa Monica


Naughty and Nice

Re: Letter from ‘A Concerned Mother,’ From the Web, Dec. 14

Despite some apparent backlash to the Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade entry with the inspired addition of a pole and requisite dancer, I’m inclined to offer this take: Nothing gets you more into the holiday spirit than having further proof that those having the most fun are naughty and nice! LOL.

Merry Christmas, baby!

An Unconcerned Father

Playa del Rey