About That Pole-Dancing Boat Parade Elf …

Re: Letter from ‘A Concerned Mother,’ Dec. 14

Thank you for covering the 55th annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade. Every year, the Marina del Rey yachting community spends countless hours creating these magical floating works of art. All involved are happy to participate in this labor of love to entertain others.

Unfortunately, however, I came across the most vile and disgusting letter by a tactless woman who refused to identify herself —a poor, misguided soul who felt it necessary to body shame a volunteer and world-class female athlete who performed in the parade. The letter was signed “A Concerned Mother,” but it should have read “An Ignorant Hater.”

Don’t look now, lady, but your ignorance is showing. There is nothing X-rated about pole fitness, a sport that’s loved and embraced by women (and men) of all ages and being considered for inclusion as an Olympic Sport. Pole fitness is a fast-growing sport among moms, daughters, wives, college students and female athletes around the world.

Santa’s spinning elf was dressed extremely appropriately in elf boots, a green skirt and proper work-out attire (yes, undergarments). The volunteer female athlete participant which you shamelessly attacked is a world-champion who has appeared in competitions around the world and won accolades at every level.

I hope you and your children aren’t examining the undergarments of ice skaters, tennis players, cheerleaders and other female athletes when they do flips, form pyramids, perform jumps and dance on the field
of play.

And in this age of body-shaming, please don’t print “anonymous” letters to the editor. It is merely an open invitation for lunatics to needlessly criticize those of us who are doing positive and lovely work, participating in a fantastic all-volunteer holiday extravaganza.

Lady, we are ashamed — of you. We all had a wonderful, festive time.

C. A. Melone

Boat Owner and Parade Sponsor/Participant


Man of the People

Re: “Don’t Be Part of the Problem,” Letters, Dec. 21

Hire Jack Schwartz. He could be the Jimmy Breslin of our Westside.

Keep writing, Jack. Our community needs you.

Cheryl McCarthy Walder

Marina del Rey




Re: “The Secret’s Out on Westchester,” News, Dec. 28

I live near 77th Street and Kentwood Avenue and have been watching the building of condos (or apartments) at the Howard Hughes ramps. Some of them are less than 100 feet from the 405. Do the payments include treatment for lung cancer?

Martin Cohen

Re: “Christmas on the Hard,” Cover Story, Dec. 21

Such a wonderful family on a really excellent adventure! Amazing parents nurturing two young men who will be valuable citizens of the world. Good luck with your future plans and for a safe return to the U.S.

Linda Edeiken


I worked with Eric at Sony and was so impressed when he told me of his plans. Go Rigneys! I’m jealous.

Michael Forrest


Re: “A Lesson in Democracy,” Guest Opinion, Dec. 14

Just like with Nixon (authoritarianism, lies, cover-up attempts) there are the important lessons to be learned in this shabby episode of the Playa del Rey and Mar Vista road diets. Considering the nearly record-low turnout for the March city elections, no local politician can claim a mandate for anything other than fixing potholes and replacing streetlight bulbs.

David Holmes

With Recall Bonin and the fake Twitter accounts (Westside Walkers), who is creating the us-vs.-them mentality?
Who has been booing and screaming over speakers at neighborhood council meetings? Congrats for taking the bullying playbook from Steve Bannon.

Jeff Braun