CORRECTION: Last week’s story about Santa Monica’s advocacy for the Community Choice Aggregation renewable power program gave incorrect info about Southern California Edison’s renewable energy offerings. Renewables account for 30% of Edison’s overall power portfolio, but the company offers 50% and 100% renewable energy plans for homes and businesses.


Let’s Build Smarter in Westchester

Re: “The Secret’s Out on Westchester,” news, Dec. 28

Interesting article about the new rental housing being built in Westchester. While some people (developers and real estate agents) tend to be overjoyed, I often wonder if that elation continues when they’re sitting in their cars for hours. With airport travel on the rise, adding to local gridlock by building more density-friendly projects is not necessarily the answer. I don’t feel the building boom is in step with traffic mitigation to accommodate the glut. Somehow developers seem to be able to skirt this step.

Another thing some developers sidestep is getting the required permits for whatever work they are doing at any given time. For weeks the project at West 74th Street and La Tijera Boulevard shut down traffic lanes both ways, during the holidays, in front of a post office (much mail in December?). Only after the neighbors raised their collective voices asking for permits was the project stopped midday and restarted after the correct steps were taken.

I don’t know how much money the city collects in permit fees, but whatever it is might be able to go toward housing for homeless folks, seeing as how many of these expensive new high-density apartments have displaced people who used to live in the old ones. There’s building, then there’s smart building.

Leigh Hill, Westchester


Say What?

Re: “About that Pole-Dancing Boat Parade Elf,” Letters, Jan. 4

I was the captain of Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade Entry No. 2, the Karlee D, so I didn’t get to see the pole-dancing boat. I thought the embarrassment was limited to the awards ceremony, where I tried to explain to the woman at my table the double meanings of the boat names Weekend Hooker and Blow Me.

Kris Dahlin, Venice




Re: “A Comeback Story Continues,” News, Nov. 22

Congratulations to all of you who work so hard to teach our children. You deserve every accolade. I have two grandchildren at Playa Del Rey Elementary School. They are doing beautifully and absolutely love being there. I am so happy with all the parental involvement. That is such a critical part of a successful program.

Diane Mellano