Two Brief but Scary Encounters in Mar Vista

I live in Mar Vista and my favorite weekend ritual is to walk down Venice Boulevard to grab a cup of coffee. The farmers market makes Sundays even better. But recently I’ve become concerned about the safety of residents amid an apparent rise in homelessness in this area.

I’ve volunteered at homeless shelters and soup kitchens over the years and have a heart for this population. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know there is a strong need to do something — especially for those with mental illness. This is where my concern comes in.

On Saturday, Jan. 6, during my regular morning walk, I was screamed at by a homeless person who appeared to suffer from mental illness. Again, I try to recognize everyone with dignity and respect, but this was a scary experience.

The following day I watched from just 20 yards away as a different homeless person with apparent mental illness yelled random obscenities and incoherent phrases at groups of passersby. This was right near the Mar Vista Farmers Market, and the area was very crowded. I then saw this homeless person almost walk straight into oncoming traffic while crossing the street outside of the crosswalk.

What is the city doing to help this population of homeless people? We need more outreach and more resources to communicate with those who are mentally ill. This would help not only those individuals but also the community at large.

Jordan Roberson

Mar Vista


Press Should Ignore Trump’s ‘Word Noise’

Sometimes they are ridiculous, sometimes self-contradictory. Sometimes they are dishonest, sometimes dangerously provocative. Rants of a cranky angryman, the tweets of the POTUS are not government policy. Policy goes through official government channels. POTUS tweets are denied or dismissed by the White House spokesperson whenever they are challenged or criticized.

The media does disservice to the country when it gives POTUS tweets attention and reports them as news. They are word noise, nothing more.

Bruce Joffe




Re: “The Art of War,” This Week, Jan. 11

As a surviving USMC Recon Major and Vietnam Fighter Pilot, I can say how authentic “Full Metal Jacket” was. I might add that Lee Emery was not sadistic. The drill instructor prepares you for war and instills a sense of self and courage
plus a devotion to one another. Those who think they see sadism just do not understand the USMC and its primary mission. When two Marines meet anyplace in the world,
a brother stands beside you. Semper Fidelis. Always faithful, even unto death.

Lt. Col. Don Brigham, USMC (Ret)