Try the bike path

Concerning cyclists on Trolley Way in Playa del Rey: The bike path was closed temporarily for repairs, but cyclists continue to use Trolley Way before and after the repairs.
They come around the corner onto Trolley Way, three and four together, and cut the corner at a great rate of speed and often ride in the middle of the road.
I just don’t know why they don’t use the wonderful bike path. If you honk or ask them to move over, they are very indignant and act like the cars are in the wrong place.
It’s an accident waiting to happen, for sure. They also do the same thing in the evening, and of course, they are not as easy to see and many are without lights or even reflectors.
Jeanne Moody
Playa del Rey

Runway plan is ‘bad business’

Those of us who love and hate Los Angeles are haunted by the story of how Goodyear Tires and Standard Oil managed to convince the city to tear out the rail system that criss-crossed the now clogged basin to the beach. It was a tragic, greedy, short-sighted, money grab that led to nightmarish consequences.
The same is happening again with underhanded, clouded and greedy decisions at Los Angeles International Airport. With a good, fiscally responsible alternative, Los Angeles World Airports, the Department of City Planning and the City Council seem bent on spending half a billion dollars for nothing, to move the northernmost runway another 260 feet north, intruding into businesses and neighborhoods.
By its own study, LAWA has shown this will not improve safety. The odds of any safety issue with the current configuration is once every 200 years. Moving the runway, destroying neighborhoods and property values, moves the odds to once every 400 years. Ask any pilot and they will tell you the only safety problem with LAX is the absence of a fully staffed control tower – that needed to be solved yesterday.
The massive A-380 (planes) for which this is supposed to appeal, are now landing with no problem and business projections for an increase in A-380 sales waver between a tax write-off and bankruptcy.
Alternative 2 of the Specific Plan Amendment Study, a decent proposal to modernize without expanding the airport’s footprint, for half a billion dollars less, doesn’t put money in the pockets of whomever or whatever is behind Alternative 1, supposedly a deal struck with parking concessions. It is bad business. It is greedy politics. It is a betrayal of the vision Los Angeles deserves. And shame on the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and its biased, tawdry, misleading “poll.”
The truth is that LAX is one of the country’s smallest major airports in terms of acreage, and that won’t change. The only solution is to spend some good money developing regional airports and the transportation system to make them viable. Look at dozens of other airports that have done so profitably and humanely.
The city of Los Angeles deserves more than such a mediocre vision and greedy, underhanded decisions by its leaders.
Pamela Stacey
Playa del Rey