Housing Market Needs Inventory to Thrive

Re: “2018 Predictions (Home Values),” Opinion, Jan. 11

Quoting the California Association of Realtors is of little utility. Those averages weigh in areas of the state that have nothing to do with Los Angeles and especially the Westside, where tech and digital media are driving our economy and housing prices. Bummer about the tax changes. Otherwise, we could afford to care a lot less about minor interest rate bumps. The real wild card is whether people stay longer in their existing homes because of the tax changes. Constrained inventory could strangle us.

Tracy Thrower Conyers



A Few Words about Words

Re: “About that Pole-Dancing Boat Parade Elf,” Letters, Jan. 4 + “The News About The News,” Cover Story, Jan. 4

I chuckled about the Holiday Boat Parade skipper who tried to explain the double meanings of the potentially racy boat names. Mariners are usually fun-loving people, and the most creative boat name I ever saw was The Wet Dream. Absolutely appropriate for most people despite “the tyranny of the minority.”

Congratulations also to Argonaut editor Joe Piasecki for his intelligent reporting of the key challenges facing the declining Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly. I thought his thoughtful observations and commentary were spot-on!

Roy Reel

Culver City



Personal Bias Fuels Pole-Dancing Complaint

Re: “About that Pole-Dancing Boat Parade Elf,” Letters, Jan. 4

My wife tends to think that pole-dancing is a bit erotic for the Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade, but I think that it depends on why and how it’s done. It’s difficult for the adult mind to get past the stripper-pole branding, but if one can then it does resemble a form of gymnastics.We and our friends missed the pole-dancing elf, so we can’t critique the appropriateness of her performance or undergarments, but my assessment is the “concerned mother” who wrote in was not as much concerned for her children (who have yet to develop a bias regarding pole-dancing) as she was concerned about her husband observing a young and fit woman doing her thing. That opinion is influenced by the fact that she complained anonymously.

I would expect my parents’ generation to be shocked, but not a woman young enough to have small children (although in all fairness I don’t know the woman and what her story is).
I do have a feeling, however, that there will be more poles in our future boat parades. If I had a boat I’d stick a pole on it and ride a carousel horse just for kicks!

William R. Hicks

Marina del Rey