There Goes the Neighborhood

Re: “East Venice Squeeze,” Cover Story, Jan. 25

Your cover on the demolition of east Venice got me excited. The article itself was a great disappointment. The invasion of the rich and tasteless is not an inconvenience. It is the destruction of a neighborhood and a community.

My house looks onto Morningside Way, which has become Monstrosity Boulevard. Your author calls some of these grotesque, inappropriate travesties “architectural wonders.” They look ridiculous in a neighborhood of human-sized homes. Like airport terminals, and at $6 million each, they each displaced a couple of middle-class families. I mean, really, does a family need five bedrooms and six bathrooms? And a pool? Even the merely $4-million houses make you wonder why they didn’t leave any money to spend on design.

A number of city Department of Building and Safety employees have explained to me that these ugly large houses would not be allowed under current size regulations. The process that the city used to try to save the neighborhood actually accelerated its destruction. There was so much time lapse between the introduction of the new regulations and their implementation date that builders rushed to get their permits under the old rules. You have to wonder if the council members do this as contribution recipients of the construction and real estate industries.

Why didn’t your article name the parasites and leaches who are getting rich off of the gentrification? They should be named and shamed, if not tarred and feathered.

Lately the vultures have actually been going door-to-door, pressuring people in regular homes to move out. I suggest the next time a realtor rings your doorbell, answer with a hearty Old Venice-style “F— Off!!”

And where’s Councilman Mike Bonin? Where’s any grassroots political leadership? A deafening silence — except for the bulldozers.

Jack Schwartz

A Venice resident for 25 years





Re: “East Venice Squeeze”

mattellisband: Great article!

nancymun310: Grew up east of Lincoln. The vanilla feeling taking over is awful. I’d never buy in Venice now for $3M. …
A big mishmash or architecture with very little soul.

cjgronner: Extra super sad.

veniceresistance: Great illustration!