A Storyteller to Remember

Re: “The Real Joe Frank,” Cover Story, Feb. 1

I was particularly moved by Esme Gregson’s piece on Joe Frank in the latest issue of your publication and found myself wanting to read more … or hear Joe’s distinctive baritone actually read the piece (his parts at least). I had always wondered why he disappeared from the KCRW landscape, and Ms. Gregson’s funny and candid article provided an informative and welcome return to Joe’s distinct brand of creative weirdness.

I can only hope there’s a longer project out there to celebrate his unique take on storytelling. Perhaps it is time to revisit joefrank.com and listen to what hails from The Other Side.

Tom Gianakopoulos



Developer, Please Do Better!

RE: “East Venice Squeeze,” Cover Story, Jan. 25

Thank you for the article.Nothing new for me, because I live in East Venice on Louella Avenue, but interesting nonetheless.

What’s unique about my block is that it might just be the last block in East Venice that hasn’t been “squeezed.” Every single house is still old, still Venice. Still “as is” — until last week, when I got a notice of demolition from the city for the house directly across the street from me.

I think it’s unfortunate that the last block standing is going to get a new big, boxy, block-house. But at the same time, I’m excited for the potential of something really cool and well designed. My questions: How the hell do you know what’s going to be built? Is there anything you can do to help inspire and motivate the developer to do something great? Or slightly above average? Do developers have a soft spot for the neighborhood, or is it just business?

If you are listening, developer of 2222 Louella Ave., I’ve seen your website and know you have the ability to design and build something great. I also see you’ve done some crap. I encourage you to aspire to blend this property into the neighborhood to the best of your ability. To create landscaping that’s not cookie-cutter. To use materials that don’t offend the eye. To be gentle. To be kind. And to not take up too much parking.

Graham Simon




Re: “Music for the Soul,” Arts & Events, Feb. 1

I have heard insane things about Ryn Nicole and have been following her music for a while. So excited to hear her perform!