Keep Up the Rent Control Fight

Re: “Landlords 1, Tenants 0,” News, Feb. 1

Here is high praise for Gary Walker’s article concerning rent control and the efforts by local legislators to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Act, which keeps cities from expanding rent control protections to newer buildings. Besides stating the situation clearly, naming the people involved and giving the social and legislative context, his piece moved me to action.

As a co-chair of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Homeless Solutions Committee I have seen firsthand the relationship between real estate prices and homelessness. My activism on the subject will not only be concerned with the professor of real estate and the apartment owners’ association, but also the Democrats who were absent from committee for the Costa-Hawkins rescission vote.

I cannot imagine how the Democrats’ absence could be reasonable concerning the gravity of the situation. I shall attempt to find out and let the readers know. Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s legislation has significant merit and deserves to come out of committee.

Robin Doyno

Mar Vista


A Message Worth Remembering

I and many others deeply appreciate all the efforts by Santa Monica to make sure the Chain Reaction peace sculpture is maintained and honored for many years to come. I know both the Arts Commission and the Landmarks Commission staff are meeting and working together to make sure this landmark public art sculpture receives good care.

Chain Reaction has been refurbished and rededicated — and within the next few months should be re-accessed back into the city’s fine public art collection. The unique and creative sculpture’s timely message of peace and its warning against the dangers of nuclear weapons escalation is still needed, perhaps now more than ever before.

Peace & Gratitude,

Jerry Rubin

Santa Monica

Editor’s note: Rubin, 74, began a liquids-only ‘Dump Trump’ protest fast on President’s Day.



Re: “The Real Joe Frank,” Cover Story, Feb. 1

What a lovely, lovely essay, Esme. Thank you so much. I have heard your name many, many times while listening to Joe. Indeed, as I write this, I’m listening (yet again) to one of my favorites — the magnificently Owen’s-bathed “An Enterprising Man,” where Joe, in his outro, credits you, among several other longstanding collaborators, minions or fellow-travelers. There are, no doubt, a great many who have had their lives much enriched by Joe’s uniquely weird and absurd and profound and mesmerizing genius, and many who feel a substantial loss at his passing. Thank you, again, for easing that loss through the embroidery of your fond remembrances.

Gary Foulke