Monster on the Median

I’m mad as hell and if I don’t vent my frustration, I’m going to explode.

It’s about the horrendous proposed development at Venice Boulevard and Pacific Avenue, commonly referred to as the Monster on the Median — a monstrosity that would completely destroy the character of Venice, the seaside community I’ve been visiting since Pacific Ocean Park, and a place that I love.

Politicians, even ones I called friends and supported both emotionally and financially, won’t listen to me or anything but what they want to hear. Even going so far now as to propose that laws be made lax so they can build whatever they want without restrictions like required parking and, most importantly, public input (see SB 827).

I was so hopeful when I saw state Sen. Kevin de León, one of the most powerful individuals in California politics, on a news program saying that he didn’t want these monstrosities being built in our communities changing the character of our neighborhoods.

It turns out he was talking about a smaller development in Boyle Heights, not something big like in Venice. Still, he said he’d speak to our councilman, even though he had no jurisdiction. Recently I saw the two of them standing in circle with a few other people knowing there’s nothing he can do or will do. But if he believes in his statement, he could make it a campaign issue in his monumental task of unseating Sen. Dianne Feinstein — I’m sure this is happening all over California.

I’ll keep looking and joining in endeavors to preserve Abbot Kinney’s vision of Venice as a seaside community, a place of fun and frolic where the only thing that stands out is the smell of ocean air.

Daryl Barnett




Re: “East Venice Squeeze,” Cover Story, Jan. 25

It’s not the size of these houses that’s so bad. It’s the hideous architecture. And the new occupants are rich, mean, unfriendly people. This is Venice, not Silicon Beach.

Athina Doria


Re: “A Bigly Idea,” This Week, Feb. 8

Ann Telnaes’ hit list of political cartoon satire subjects seems a bit one-sided — aimed only at Republicans. Evidently there is nothing to satirize about Bill and Hillary, Al Gore, John Kerry or Barack Obama.

Tony in Marina del Rey


Oh, you poor thin-skinned snowflake.

Gary Palmatier


Re: “What Does Black History Month Mean in 2018?” Westside Voices, Feb. 22

Dr. Stefan Bradley offers an in-depth perspective on the pressures facing black America.

Gregory Thomas