You Never Know Why They’re Homeless

Re: Comments about “Homeless by Choice,” Letters, March 8

I was once homeless and, yes, by choice. I left home at 13 because my stepfather beat and raped me. My family and neighbors would not take me in because they were afraid of him.

It was 1965 and I had nowhere else to go. I slept at Mar Vista Bowl, sitting on a toilet seat. I slept in alleys and laundromats, and hung out at Mar Vista Library on the weeknights so I could get my homework done. Some friends from school removed the screens from their bedroom windows and I would sneak in at night and sleep without their parents knowing.

I was terrified, hungry and alone, but I would not return home after what he did to me. There were no government agencies to assist in caring for me. I was considered a runaway.

Letter writer David Mamann’s statement that he is “freakin’ tired of being blamed for the ills of the world” is cruel. Let’s all join hands and help the homeless, no matter what their reason for living without a roof over their head. In g-d I trust. Who are we to judge?

Lolly Hellman



Old Firehouses Could Be New Shelters

Re: “Homeless by Choice,” Opinion, March 1

There are several abandoned firehouses throughout Los Angeles that could be reconfigured to shelter or house many of those who are homeless. They already have bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The only problem would be NIMBY opposition, which seems to be the case in Venice and other areas.

My personal gripe, however, is about the crossword puzzles, or lack thereof. Only one puzzle has appeared the last three weeks. What’s going on over there? Aren’t you interested in providing your readers some relief from the news? Please allow us the chance to use a little brain power.

Arnold Lipschultz



Keep Printing the Crossword Puzzle

It seems the crossword puzzle is only appearing every other week in The Argonaut, or am I the only one who has noticed? I like to sit quietly on a Thursday morning with a cup of coffee and attempt to complete the crossword. Don’t get me wrong — I love social media, but there is something quite peaceful about sitting with pen and paper. Please bring the crossword back on a weekly basis!

Jacqueline Faridian

Marina del Rey