Who’s Really Overboard?

Re: “Man Overboard: Yacht club’s first black commodore resigns amid complaints of racism and assault …,” News, March 8

I have met Keith Mott many times at Pacific Mariners Yacht Club and observed his kindness and dedication to improving the club. I am glad that he is not tolerating verbal and possible physical abuse. Your article points out his concern about binge drinking. Maybe it’s time for some members to stop going overboard on the drinking and slurring their words.

Diane Gardner

Marina del Rey



Re: “Confessions of a Venice NIMBY,” Opinion, March 15

Would everyone please stop trivializing us by just dittoing the NIMBY label? We, the citizens of Los Angeles, have clearly expressed our concern for the homeless by voting to tax ourselves more than $3 billion to help.

If your child loses his job or has other problems, you might convert your garage or build a small unit in the back, but never in your front yard. And even for your own blood, you wouldn’t splurge $340,000 for a beachfront view. You’d want to help them now and give them something to strive for — some reason to change their life for the better.

All we are asking is for politicians to spend our tax dollars like it’s real money.

Yes In My Back Yard, but Not In My Front Yard.

Kris Dahlin



Keep Printing the Crossword

It seems the crossword puzzle is only appearing every other week in The Argonaut, or am I the only one who has noticed? I like to sit quietly on a Thursday morning with a cup of coffee and attempt to complete the crossword. Don’t get me wrong — I love social media, but there is something quite peaceful about sitting with pen and paper. Please bring the crossword back on a weekly basis!

Jacqueline Faridian

Marina del Rey

‘Little Women’ Scores Big

Re: “OnStage: The Week in Local Theater,” March 15

Don’t miss the Morgan-Wixson Theater’s musical production of “Little Women.” My opening night experience was more than thoroughly enjoyable — a fast-moving and tender show with crisp singing and excellent staging. Aunt March’s unimaginable impertinence alone was worth the admission and time spent. These actors truly do
a great job.

Robin Doyno

Mar Vista




Re: Westside Happenings

I always look forward to the events you post up for us — especially the free ones. Thank you for keeping us up to date!

Gabby T.