Don’t Paint Airbnb Hosts with a Broad Brush

Re: “Homes in the Crosshairs,” News, March 22

I was disappointed to see another story on short-term rentals perpetuating an inaccurate, very one-sided representation of the Airbnb host community in Venice.

We are hosts, not hotels. As life-long Venice residents, we are proud and active members of this community and do not want to be lumped in with commercial operators. In fact, we agree with those who don’t want to see commercial operators like the owners of the Ellison in our community, and we do not want to be associated with them in any way.

There are many local families, like my own, who depend on the income we receive from sharing our homes. We rent out our converted garage in order to help cover health care costs, to support our son who has a precancerous condition, and to age in place. Although it is listed as an entire unit, our listing does not have a kitchen and would not be suitable for a long-term tenant.

By broadly painting Airbnb hosts as “hotel operators” who take housing off the market, you are mischaracterizing and demonizing families like my own who rely on the income to make ends meet.

Sylvia Wright

Resident of Venice since 1977


Life’s Small Pleasures Are Important

Re: No Crossword Puzzle on March 8

I am a longtime resident of Westchester and a weekly reader of The Argonaut. I’d like to mention how much I am enjoying the paper in recent years. I don’t know who is most responsible for the improvements in format and overall quality, but I think your team is doing a fabulous job.

One of the things I look forward to most about The Argonaut is the crossword puzzle, which I save for Saturday morning. I settle down with my coffee and a nicely sharpened pencil, my cat curled up next to me, and relax with the crossword puzzle for an hour or two before hitting the gym or going for a run. Probably more than you care to know about me, but it’s my way of explaining how much my Argie crossword means to me.

So, you can imagine my disappointment when I settle down … coffee, cat, pencil and all … and open the paper to find the crossword puzzle is missing!



I think the emojis say it all.

Amy Andreini, Westchester


You Can’t Make Up Your Own Rules

Re: “Let’s Park Campers Near LAX,” Letters, March 29

It comes as no surprise that the first line of the letter “Let’s Park Campers Near LAX” is false. LAMC 85.02 allows for vehicle dwelling under particular conditions. The writer likely knows that but simply does not like it.

Robin Doyno

Mar Vista Community Council

Homeless Issues Committee


Who’re You Trying to Kid?

Re: “Man Overboard,” News, March 8

I don’t want to get into the alleged racial incident described in the article; I just thought it was funny that the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is described in the article as a “working man’s yacht club.” To me, “working man” and “yacht club” are mutually exclusive.

Steve St. John, Playa del Rey