Bullet Train Silence is Deafening

One of the myriad reasons for the election of Donald Trump was that voters felt alienated and ignored by their elected representatives. I have good reason to understand that lately.

My issue is the ridiculous cost of Gov. Brown’s high-speed rail, which has more than doubled to an estimated minimum of $77 billion and rising. I wondered how our state representatives viewed the rising costs and associated delays, so I attempted to contact Assemblywoman Autumn Burke and state Sen. Ben Allen.

When I asked the person who answered the phone at Allen’s office in Sacramento what the senator’s stance was on this issue, her answer was “I haven’t asked him.” Ridiculous! She shouldn’t need to ask him. He should have some statement ready for the people who work for him.

I asked the rep to have someone contact me and sent an email through the website. Having heard nothing a week later, I called the regional office. A few days later I was told the senator is going to find out why costs are so high before stating a position. How much more information does he need to realize this level of spending isn’t what voters want?

The same process applied to Burke. The Sacramento office asked if I would like someone to call me, but no one ever called or responded to a subsequent email. Why have a website that solicits questions if you aren’t going to respond to them? A helpful-sounding woman at the local office promised to speak to a supervisor and get back to me, but I’m still waiting.

People who get elected abandon their constituents as soon as they settle into office. I can only assume that both Allen and Burke could care less about taxpayer money being poured into this folly because we have surplus funds due to the high gas tax, state income tax, state sales tax, increased vehicle taxes and property taxes. Why not spend it on a train that may never be completed, right?

Until the people of California realize their tax dollars could be better spent and start calling out their state representatives, this boondoggle will continue.

Ron Gregg
Marina del Rey



Re: “Westchester-Playa

Council Cracks in Two,” cover story, April 12

There are some real community concerns that should be prioritized by this council, and absenteeism isn’t one. Stop the petty bantering and focus on the community’s needs or, as Jordan Peele says, get out.

A. Frances


I wish there were more content to a front-page article like this, or at least some attempt at insight and analysis. This reads like a surface-level account of cattiness, which deserves coverage, I suppose — perhaps not a front-page feature. Also probably should have been disclosed that Maleman is a former Argonaut contributor. IMHO this story fans flames without any suggestion of a “there, there.” Disappointed in the salaciousness of the coverage.

H. Rose