You Guys Got Played

Re: “Venice Place Project Plays the Long Game,” News, April 26

Your news article announcing that Dan Abrams would undertake an environmental impact report for his hotel project gives the word “voluntary” a whole new meaning. Just because a City Planning spokesperson “confirmed that the developer approached the city with the request for an EIR” doesn’t mean an EIR would not have been required. At the zoning administrator hearing, the assembled development team had been unable to satisfactorily answer numerous material questions.

The project is only now resurfacing publicly, more than a year and a half since that ZA hearing. If Abrams were really doing the EIR voluntarily, wouldn’t it have made sense to get on with it way back then, rather losing all that time (and money)?

It sounds more like he tried to work the politics (take a look at the lobbying reports) but didn’t come up a winner, or he hasn’t been able to find financial backing without clearing up this major problem.

Abrams’ PR people are obviously earning their keep, but the job of journalists is to look behind the curtain, not to test readers’ credulity.

David Ewing



We Asked for Trouble

Re: “Sea Level Rise Could Flood Venice,” News, April 19

Mother Nature is rightfully pissed off. Watch as she slowly reclaims what was once part of the Ballona Wetlands.

David Kay

Playa Vista


Local Leaders Have Lost Touch

Re: “Bullet Train Silence is Deafening,” Letters, April 19

Unknowledgeable and unresponsive government employees, whether they produce or not, still receive salaries, health insurance, retirement benefits, vacations and sick days ad nauseam. Politicians leave office millionaires. Oh, for the days of former council members Ruth Galanter and Nate Holden and their staffs who worked for the people they represented.

Jeanne Parker


Take Care of Old Glory

The flag in front of the Playa del Rey Post Office is torn and in tatters — just terrible. Perhaps a photo of it in The Argonaut would cause something to be done about this. My husband was a U.S. Marine, and I’m pretty certain he is turning over in his grave!

Joyce Maleady

Playa del Rey