Last week’s article about candidates seeking election to the State Board of Equalization (“Unnecessary Trouble,” May 17) misstated what we know about an L.A. County District Attorney’s Office investigation by describing candidate Tony Vazquez, a Santa Monica City Council member, as a target of that investigation. A spokesman for the office confirmed the agency’s Public Integrity Unit is investigating alleged conflicts of interest involving votes cast by SMMUSD Board member Maria Leon-Vazquez, Councilman Vazquez’s wife, in support of contracts for firms for which he had done consulting work. The District Attorney’s office did not state that Tony Vazquez is him-
self under investigation.


Muscle Beach isn’t Feeling the Love

What possible excuse can the city of Los Angeles have for letting the weight-lifting equipment at Muscle Beach fall into such embarrassing disrepair?

A major tourist attraction in and of itself, why isn’t the pit in pristine condition?

No other city in America would allow such an iconic locale that draws tourists and commerce to fall into such decrepit shape! The cost to repair this equipment is pennies on the tax dollar when you consider the billions appropriated to operate Los Angeles.

Why isn’t the Mayor’s Office or Council District 11 doing anything to correct the embarrassing state of the Muscle Beach pit? I’m sure dozens
of private companies would gladly donate the funds to
get this place back to a condition that brings pride to Venice and those who work out at Muscle Beach.

People ask me all the time why I support independent cityhood for Venice, and here is just another glaring example
of the outright mismanagement and incompetence by the city
to monitor the condition of an important and vital city asset such as the Muscle Beach pit.

Venice Beach has been and continues to be ignored for too long when you consider we provide Los Angeles with 2%
of L.A.’s revenue while only being 0.6% of the population.

My question is simple: Does anyone in L.A. truly care about Venice?

Nick Antonicello



Streets Aren’t Just for Cars

Re: “The Road Diet Isn’t Working,” Opinion, May 17

Last week’s opinion piece contained a request that area residents give their opinion of the Venice Boulevard changes, so I will. I have lived in Venice 24 years. I am not a big fan of Garcetti or Bonin or traffic. But in the past year I have walked down, eaten at, had drinks, and sat outside to have coffee and read the paper within the relevant section of Venice Boulevard, more than I had in the previous 20 years. I like what it looks (and sounds) like now.

It is more important that the street is enjoyable for residents to use than whether commuters can get through our neighborhood faster. So, Bonin is doing what this taxpaying resident wants him to do, and from the number of pedestrians on Venice Boulevard it appears that others agree
with me.

Jack Schwartz




Re: “The Road Diet Isn’t Working,” Opinion, May 17

So sick of politicians using us poor citizens as lab rats for their nefarious plans! It seems they think there’s no business except government business.

Raul Marquez

Mister Rogers didn’t adequately prepare me for my neighbors. Some people like this project; others do not. It has been discussed, voted on by the Mar Vista Community Council board numerous times and re-discussed ad nauseam. So if your point of view does not match others’, what to do? I have seen what appear to be childish tantrums causing major rifts in what previously had been a very functional neighborhood council. What would Mister Rogers do?

Roy Persinko


The expiration date on this ill-advised and deceptive “pilot project” is here. The city, Mike Bonin and LADOT forced this down stakeholders’ throats with little outreach and no mention of taking away traffic lanes. And what are the results? Chaos, confusion, and danger. Just like what the article says.

Brooke Eaton

Bring back the lanes!! Great article, Selena. Surprised to see The Argonaut was brave enough to publish the truth!