Vote for a Public Servant, Not a Narcissist

Re: “Who Can Budget Like Brown?” Election Endorsements, May 24

Thank you for your endorsement of John Chiang for governor. Throughout his career on the State Board of Equalization, as California State Controller and as California State Treasurer, John Chiang has proven that he works for the people of California — not for his own self-aggrandizement, as has been demonstrated by other candidates on the ballot.

I hope others read The Argonaut editorial and follow its conclusion: Vote for John Chiang for governor!

Patty Boyle

Playa Vista


Sepulveda Isn’t Your Ashtray

While driving to work northbound on Sepulveda Boulevard in the left lane, I usually get stopped at the signal at Howard Hughes Parkway. I glance over at the median and see a few weeds growing around the edges of fake grass that’s covered with leaves and hundreds upon hundreds of cigarette butts. How disgusting! There are more discarded cigarette butts on the grass than there are leaves from the trees.

Why do smokers see this area as an ash tray? Either cars no longer have ashtrays in them, or the smokers cannot stand the stench of their own smelly butts. Either way, it’s called littering — and it’s illegal. It’s an eyesore and a disgrace.

I see two solutions: The city can vacuum up the leaves and butts every couple days (which they will not do), or drivers can keep their butts in their cars. This is just another reason laws are passed to limit when and where people can smoke, due to inconsiderate smokers.

Glen Kacena