Words that Show the Way

Re: Editorial and Opinion, July 12

Thank you for the two cogent opinion pieces in last week’s Argonaut.

In the editorial “Don’t Let Them Tell You That You Can’t Talk Back,” L.A. City Council-member Mike Bonin’s courageous act of civil disobedience
to protest the “sinful and evil practice of taking immigrant children from their parents and locking them up” is contrasted with the haunting questions “Where would we be if the Sons of Liberty had not tossed some tea into the Boston Harbor, or if Rosa Parks had just gotten off that segregated bus and walked home?”

Michael Rapkin’s op-ed “Help is on the Horizon” presents completely valid reasons for Bridge Housing for the homeless in Venice. The rational arguments presented make a convincing case that the proposed Bridge Housing is truly a win-win for all, both unhoused and housed. “At any given time, 100 people otherwise sleeping in tents or under the stars will be able leave the streets for a temporary roof over their heads on the way to permanent housing, and the city will then be able to clean up the former encampments.”

Booker Pearson, Playa del Rey


Re: “Identity Politics Exhaustion,” Letters, July 12

White male victimhood is bogus. When you run the entire U.S. government and own most of the country’s wealth, and you complain that descendants of former slaves can use the N word and you can’t, you’re just plain stupid or a fake whiner or both. If you compare the “hardship” of being a member of a Russian-installed corporate kleptocracy fake-government (like so many talk radio Nazis do) with being one of the 10% of Americans who is gay and actually being picked on, you’re just full of crap or covering up for criminals. Boohoo for you! This is standard fake-populist Trump BS. If rich white guys are being picked on (as their false equivalency goes), then it’s OK for them to pick on women, brown people, black people, gay people and poor people — at least in their twisted, sick minds.

Rex Frankel