A Very Moving ‘Westside Story’

Re: “Bernstein & Ballet,” Arts & Events, July 19

I’ve been around the world a bit and seen most of it, but never in my wildest years have I been so moved — yes, brought to tears — in a summer evening so extreme, with Bernstein’s homage so supreme. Thank you to all concerned.

Abraham Alan Ross, Venice

Mourning Civility and John McCain

As a longtime Democrat I was saddened to hear of the death of John McCain, a military hero, congressman and senator. He believed in this country and was willing to cross the party line to get things done, dealing with the Democrats to benefit all. All of the living presidents sent glowing tributes to the McCain family and the nation, except the classless current occupant of the White House. McCain asked Bush and Obama to speak at his funeral, and not the classless one.

Arnold Lipschultz, Westchester

Legado Support was a Total Farce

Re: “Don’t Redline the Coast,” Opinion, Aug. 16

My, Mr. Resnick sounds so liberal and caring, chastising all us NIMBY bigots here in Playa del Rey. People like my late husband, who was a poor Latino kid from East L.A., living in a garage, and who didn’t even speak English until he went to school, but became a success because of his talent and determination. He finally could afford to buy a duplex here for our family — a duplex under rent control, as are over 240 units here. I’d venture to say that’s a larger percentage of “low income” units than any other beach community our size.

Sorry we couldn’t manage a display of people of color at the hearing, but it was interesting listening to those who pitched for Legado, especially the guy who “lives and works in Playa del Rey” but slipped and referred to us as Playa Vista. Oops.

Ruth Lansford, Playa del Rey