Civility is Overrated

Re: “Mourning Civility and John McCain,” Letters, Aug. 30

With all this civility talk in Washington D.C., let’s not forget that the “civilized” political class, including Presidents Bush and Obama as well as the late Sen. John McCain, spent little time cutting back our foreign interventions into every other country while ignoring major concerns in the United States. They also bailed out the big banks, and they expanded the administrative state at the expense of the American citizen.

Meanwhile, the stunning lack of civility during the McCain funeral procession on TV and during his funeral was disturbing and disappointing. The media pundits and the speakers at McCain’s funeral spent more time vilifying President Trump and his policies instead of eulogizing McCain. Was it for lack of anything to praise about the senator?

He was a good father, from what little Meghan McCain shared about him, but he was a terrible senator, attacking climate change with unjust alarm while fighting to open up our borders and silence our freedom of speech. Not a legacy worth praising, in my view. His repeated efforts to frustrate President Trump’s agendas on immigration, healthcare and individual liberties was deeply disappointing, motivated by personal animus and not principled opposition.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with being uncivil to save Western civilization and America’s political traditions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. President Trump may be crude sometimes, but he cares about all of us and our country — and that’s what counts.

Arthur Christopher Schaper


A Cynical Ploy for Luxury Housing

Re: “Don’t Redline the Coast,” Opinion, Aug. 16

Clearly Mr. Reznik hasn’t visited Play del Rey, where we have free parking at Del Rey lagoon for people of all races and income groups. If Legado also develops their property on the dunes, that will curtail access. He is trying as hard as he can to interject class and race into his proposal for oversized luxury housing. His importation of affordable housing proponents was a cynical display of people who could really benefit from a real solution to the problem, not a token eight affordable unit breadcrumb.

Joan Leesland, Playa del Rey


Re: “Too Big Not to Fail: Legado’s first mistake was picking a fight with the residents of Playa del Rey,” Editorial, Aug. 23

Thank you for stepping up.

Gail Whitney

Thank you for this follow-up. The community appreciates it!

R. Johnson

Playa del Rey thanks you for this thoughtful article.

K. Morgan