Wisdom is Underrated

Re: “Civility is Overrated,” Letters, Sept. 6

I have to agree with fellow reader Arthur Christopher Schaper that there is nothing wrong with being uncivil to save Western civilization. That’s why I, as an American, am standing up against the poseur in the White House.

That’s right — I believe in calling a liar a liar. I’m a radical in believing that individuals with intellect and wisdom are always better than leaders who disrespect the people they are given an opportunity to lead.

I choose leaders I can respect. I reject those who disrespect me as an American by lying to me daily. Trump is a petty, ignorant wannabe despot. The United States deserves better.

Kimra Bendle


Say No to Profits Over Safety

Re: “The Summer of the Scooter,” Cover Story, Aug. 2

Assembly Bill 2989, which as I write is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature, would be a killer law — by which I mean this law would actually kill people.

By lobbying to quash helmet requirements for those riding electric scooters, Bird and other electric scooter companies always appear to place safety behind profit in their business plans. If reducing traumatic brain injuries also reduces ridership, then why worry about them? Their effective pitch: You don’t have to be a helmet-wearing wussy to enjoy the thrill of our ride. And users sign a liability waiver so deaths or lesser injuries don’t cost the company much.

Arguments that wearing a helmet is a matter of personal choice ring hollow. In the case of a rider death in collision
with an automobile, the driver suffers a lifetime of psychological injury even if not at fault. The family and friends of the dead rider certainly suffer, too.

No rider skill is required for authorized scooter rental. Knowledge of safety laws
and route restrictions are not tested. Helmet requirements
will reduce some of the life-changing injuries that will certainly occur at increasing rates.

Please, Gov. Brown: Don’t sign Assembly Bill 2989.

Tim Tunks

Santa Monica


Re: “The Dirty War on the Free Press,” Editorial, Aug. 16

The FAKE NEWS know there are NO restrictions on free speech. They also know Trump is being framed by Clinton, Obama, FBI, DOJ with their paid for FAKE dossier by Hillary and the conspiracy to impeach him.


Comrade John, Moscow is proud of you for attacking the opinion of a local news outlet.