Compassion in Action

Re: “Not in Venice Won’t Work Anymore,” Opinion, Sept. 13

My deepest thanks to Michael Rapkin for his accurate, informative and, most of all, humane opinion piece.

Just think of what we take for granted … a bed, a toilet and a shower.

Robin Doyno

Founder, Mar Vista Community Council Homeless Issues Committee

Helmet Law Disaster

Re: “Say No to Profits Over Safety,” Letters, Sept. 13

Gov. Jerry Brown has just been rolled by the Bird/Lime/Uber/etc. lobbyists to sign Assembly Bill 2989, but only after the California Legislature was rolled to pass the stupid new law that removes helmet-wearing requirements and speed limits below 35 miles per hour for electric scooters. The only bright side I can see to this is how it will increase the supply of donor organs.

Apparently, you only need a helmet if you’re smart.

Tim Tunks, Santa Monica


Re: “Ballona Also Needs Heavy Lifting,” Letters, Sept. 20

The Ballona Wetlands were not buried under Marina del Rey “construction waste” as Mr. Kay claims. This is a Trumpian alternative facts spin designed to justify bulldozing nearly every inch of the wetlands, as some engineering firms and the former environmental groups they have co-opted claim in their scheme to get their hands on $200 million of our tax dollars.

What actually happened in the late 1950s was that clean wetlands mud which was healthy and full of life was relocated to some other areas of the floodplain. This mud was not concrete, plaster, or other construction waste from a typical development site. It is simply nature that was moved so a yacht harbor could replace it. The Ballona Wetlands can be restored slowly and carefully to their former freshwater creek-side glory without the massive industrial-scale bulldozing scheme.

Rex Frankel

Re: “A Shot in the Arm for Pico,” News, Sept. 13

Do we really want 10,800 square feet of commercial space and an additional 105 apartments along the congested arteries to the 10 & PCH and Samohi and the pier and 3rd Street? And then of course factor in the additional Sears-adjacent buildings, the development across from the Santa Monica Civic parking lot,
etc., etc.

What exactly is in this “shot in the arm”? I hope it’s something good, because personally I’m gonna need it. Also, we must keep Bowlmor Santa Monica as a recreation center for local residents. Bulldozing a local sports facility such as this one is not good for the community.

Kevin V. Flick