Voting & Activism

Anyone who believes that activism and voting doesn’t work has probably never been politically active.

Well, I’m very happy to point out that there are almost 1,000 mature trees that still exist at Mariners Village because of activism and voting. Many residents and non-residents
alike from both the right and the left united for a common cause and won.

Lumping people into one box or another only serves to divide us and helps the special interests win.

While throwing your hands into the air and saying, “Oh, what’s the use?” is just another way of saying: “I’m afraid” or “I don’t want to bother” about the issues. Pick an issue that’s important to you and do something.  Until you get involved, you really can’t form an educated opinion about what works and what doesn’t work.

Our democratic process does work…it just doesn’t work for special interests.  Well, that’s just too bad because democracy is about the majority, not the minority.  If you don’t like it, then move to a country where the minority rules, and make room for somebody who respects the democratic process.

Oct. 22 is the last day to register to vote for the election on Nov. 6.  You can register online at:

William R. Hicks
Marina del Rey

Development on La Tijera is a Recipe for Traffic Nightmare

RE: Westchester Traffic Congestion on La Tijera Blvd. & I-405

The construction on La Tijera near the 405 on ramp will not lead to benefits in our community; it will only lead to more congestion on the ramp than already exists. One large apartment building is nearing completion, and another one is planned for the 74th Street and La Tijera Blvd. intersection. I live near this intersection and the traffic is already terrible. If you want to merge onto the on ramp, you basically have to battle against all of the other people just to get over one lane.

With the traffic this bad already, adding apartment complexes will only increase the amount of traffic here. With the people living in these apartments needing to leave to go to work each morning, the traffic will only worsen. The people in the apartment will soon realize that the traffic is impossible to maneuver on this segment of La Tijera. Once the residents of the apartment realize this, they will most likely look into a new place to live with less traffic so that they can get out of their apartment.

In conclusion, the apartments on La Tijera will only increase the amount of traffic there is and lead to contempt by the community towards the complex. It may be too late for the project already underway, but no future development should occur without dealing with the bottleneck at the 405 overpass.

Wyatt Hittelman
Concerned Citizen, Westchester