Can Measure W really clean up L.A.’s water?

Re: Los Angeles County Measure W

Voters should be cautious before accepting the county’s claims that they can clean up the storm water for public use, if we just give them some more money. It is another try to pass “toilet to tap,” by changing the name of a similar proposal turned down, that smart voters rejected several years ago. This is a largely fatuous claim; they don’t even claim to know what is in the water (hundreds of unidentified contaminants) or how to remove dangerous substances like chromium 6. Think of what is in the water! Take a look at the storm water retention pond along Washington Blvd in the Marina. Not even a seagull ventures near it, it is so toxic. The county used to empty the pond flow into Mother’s Beach before they excavated and deepened the site a few years ago. Now they apparently claim that they can reuse it for human habitation, for more than bathing.  As the Romans said in the days of the empire, “Cui Bono?”  Who benefits …and who pays?

W. Firschein, Venice

Help and Compassion for the Homeless

Two days ago a desperate homeless human being chose to sleep on the cold concrete in front of my garage. I would have preferred that this person had a bed in a secure nearby shelter which does not exist. People who complain about such shelters near their homes or schools should realize that the homeless are in plain sight wherever we live or look. They are here whether on the streets or in shelters.

We need not presume that a homeless person presents a danger to others. They are endangered themselves. The homeless are capable of kindness and generosity to those who share their deprivation. My sister survived years of homelessness until she was connected with available resources.

Free health and emergency shelter services are provided on the third Thursday of every month at our Mar Vista Branch Library (12006 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.)

Walter Renzi, Palms

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Re: Last Call for Coffee, Venice Grind owner blames Vision Zero and Councilman Bonin for the loss of his business

As a former employee of the Grind and being a Mar Vista local, I’m truly sad to see it close. I have many friends that I would not have met if it wasn’t for this establishment. At one point in time, the Grind was the place to meet up in this neighborhood. It was the central hub for socializing. This community is slowly and sadly deteriorating due to flawed political intervention. Best of luck to the future of Mar Vista!

George Liebel