He’s No Longer a Fan

Re: Election-themed issue, Nov. 1

The Argonaut’s Nov. 1 edition marked its complete transformation from a lively local news publication into an organ of the Democratic Party. All vestiges of journalistic objectivity have finally been expunged. I won’t waste time with examples, as the contents of the entire publication are an example.

The paper still has great value however, as I find it an excellent liner for my parrot’s cage. I suggest your journalism degrees might best serve the same purpose. Perhaps, as one final act of self-flagellation, you might publish this letter … before finally submerging into the swamp of ‘progressive’ groupthink.

Mark Standring



Re: “The Youth Vote,” Cover Story, Nov. 1

So, according to The Argonaut, 100% of the youth vote is leftist and blue. Not a single Trump voter anywhere in California.
Really? Or is it just that free speech doesn’t matter to the fake news media over at The Argonaut? If free speech doesn’t matter, why not dump this entire stack of 20 Argonauts I see here at this restaurant into the trash? (Editor’s Note: Please don’t. That would be theft.)


Re: “The Argonaut’s Nov. 6 Election Endorsements,” Editorial, Nov. 1

I love the phrase, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Prop 12 would not create utopia, but it would be a step in the right direction for animal welfare. This measure would ban cages at factory farms, which would reduce the suffering of millions of animals. It is a commonsense anti-cruelty measure that we can all get behind.


Holy Cow! I certainly hope that nothing you have endorsed passes. Why on Earth do you insist on ruining what is left of our neighborhood, community, state and lives?

Pat Smith

I don’t think you actually read the text of Proposition 11. That’s not what it says. It is a cynical move by greedy ambulance owners to avoid the current labor law requirement that they pay their EMTs when they have to miss a meal or rest break. There was never any possibility that EMTs would not be available to respond to emergency calls. Scare tactics and obfuscation.

Deborah Rothman

Talk about ‘half-baked’: You didn’t even find out what Measure B was before you slammed it! All it does is amend the city charter to allow for the theoretical possibility of starting such a bank. It’s the first step of many in a years-long process towards such a bank. You can scrutinize their offerings in future elections, when they’ve actually been made!

Johnny Blades