Stand Tall, Argonaut

Re: Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8 + “The Argonaut’s Nov. 6 Election Endorsements,” Nov. 1

Thanks for having the journalistic integrity needed to take progressive political positions. I know that pisses off the guy who wants to line his bird cage with your paper (though that sounds suspiciously like recycling for new uses — more progressive groupthink!) but those of us not succumbing to the Trumpian Death Star are happy.

The Argonaut as “fake news media”! Who’d have imagined that?

Phil Brimble, Mar Vista

The Conservatives Have Spoken

Re: Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8 + “The Argonaut’s Nov. 6 Election Endorsements,” Nov. 1

From your liberal-slanted articles and biased letters each week, it is not hard to realize both The Argonaut and LA Times favor the Democratic Party and its candidates. I wanted to write my letter to the editor after reading your ballot recommendations, but thought I would be a voice in the wilderness. How refreshing it was to see so much reader pushback against The Argonaut’s Democratic-leaning endorsements, as well as your fallacious and futile “Yes on 10” recommendation that would cause housing developers to stop or reduce new home building here (defeated with only 39% support).

Whatever The Argonaut and LA Times recommend, thoughtful readers should vote just the opposite.

Roy Reel, Culver City

Don’t Waste Time Pointing Fingers

Re: Ongoing mass shooting tragedies

We as a society need to stop blaming each other for the ills of the country and come together in search of answers. We are wasting time as the problems mount and get worse.

When you look at the horrified faces of children running out of a school because of a shooting rampage, it is because we failed to protect them.

When young people die while having fun at a club, it is because we are divided instead of being united for a better cause.

If we do not act now for the sake of each other, then we will lose a very precious gift that was given to us by all those who served this nation by being united themselves in great causes.

That gift is freedom.

George Vreeland Hill,

Beverly Hills

Janice Hahn Gets It

Re: “Mariners Village is Spared for the Wrecking Ball,” News, Nov. 8

May Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn’s insights into our local housing situation be contagious throughout our county, state and country. Thank you, Janice, for keeping your benevolent attention to trees, wildlife and humanity!

Ingrid Mueller, Venice