Why Not Evacuate by Sea?

Re: “Malibu Residents Return by Sea,” News, Nov. 15

Unlike the evacuation of British troops depicted in the movie “Dunkirk,” the shelter-in-place situation at Pepperdine University during the Woolsey Fire involved just 2,500 people, and nobody was shooting. But it’s easy to predict that if disaster strikes again, narrow Pacific Coast Highway would once again slow to a standstill heading south toward safety.

I would suggest an evacuation like Dunkirk, with shuttles to the Malibu Pier or Paradise Cove, where a convoy of volunteer boat owners from Marina del Rey, activated with the first fire alarm, could pick them up. The most important thing is to get people out of harm’s way, and I can’t see the vast Pacific Ocean being overlooked as an evacuation highway.

Wallace Wyss, Malibu

Property Rights Secure Our Freedoms

Re: “The Youth Vote,” Cover Story, Nov. 1

Thanks for engaging the young adults among us. Reading the comments from each, one might classify them by their political philosophies as follows: 11 to 12 liberal, perhaps three kind of in the center, and one possible conservative (but circumspect to not say it too loudly).

What gives? Have none of these people ever attended a political debate? If they did, did no one represent the perspectives of capitalism and free enterprise, of freedoms enjoyed under limited governments, of how America created the highest standard of living for its citizens in the world and simultaneously maintained the economic and military strength to protect that world from bad guys for the past hundred years? Have their high school and college teachers exposed them some other way to such views? Have they heard arguments in support of such views and rejected them? As you can see, I have a lot of questions.

Our system works hard to create equal opportunities for all but doesn’t guarantee equal results. Individual results in the real world depend on talent, effort, connections — and luck. A lot of smart people (and some not so very) have tried to create utopian results through central-planning schemes — one of the current disasters being Venezuela, well-emulating Cuba. Government-defined rents are always at the heart of such ideas. Market-defined rents, on the other hand, are at the heart of property rights; such rights in turn are at the heart of a free society.

God bless these caring youth, and God bless America’s future. Tom Zimmerman, Marina del Rey


Re: “Remaking History,” Cover Story, Nov. 15

The Hughes H-4 flying boat was originally designated HK-1 for the joint venture with Henry J. Kaiser. It was moved in pieces from its hanger in 1946, assembled in Long Beach, and only flew once for about one mile in Long Beach harbor in November 1947. Real purists don’t refer to it as the Spruce Goose.

David Scully