‘A Smile on Everyone’s Face’

Re: “Old Friends, New Friends: GrandPals helps preschoolers and seniors laugh, play and dance across the generation gap,” Feature, Nov. 21

Thank you for the article on Sunrise Senior Living and Voyages Preschool. My mother spent the last three years of her life at Sunrise and participated in the activities with the preschoolers. She especially enjoyed coloring with them. Her great grandchildren live out of state, so she didn’t have that many opportunities to be with little ones. Many of the residents don’t have young family members nearby, and this partnership provides a social engagement that all participants enjoy. Those little preschoolers put a smile on everyone’s face. Hopefully this article will encourage other senior living communities and preschools to form partnerships like this one.

Carol Baer


This program makes so much sense. Being around little ones helps keep older people feeling young, and in our busy world it is rare for little ones to have people around who are not rushing and racing and checking their phones. It must be wonderful to see everyone just enjoying being together. I lived in Europe for a few years, and this type of program seemed common — preschools were often built near senior centers for this exact reason. Bravo for bringing it to Mar Vista!

Allison Bragard

Culver City

Thank you for the wonderful article. My 89-year-“young” mom is a resident of Sunrise Villa Culver City and looks forward to the visits from the children. It is such a special time for the young and young at heart to connect. For my mom it brings back memories of her own children and grandchildren. The smiles and joy are evident from the children and the seniors. It is so important that our community embrace multi-generational programs. As the saying goes, it takes a village. Bringing local children to interact with seniors creates such a positive and upbeat connection. Thank you for the lovely article highlighting this wonderful program!

Randi Rawlins

Mar Vista

Loved seeing the article about intergenerational activities at Sunrise. There is a beautiful reciprocity in these relationships. To me, the most important thing in cultivating an inter-generational friendship is getting past cultural differences to discover a shared interest.

Sahar Edalati

Culver City

Thank you so much for writing the GrandPals article. My dad lives at Sunrise Villa. It’s a wonderful and safe place for my dad, and the staff takes great care of the residents. Having a program where children come in and simply “play” with the residents, without fear or judgment, is so wonderful for everyone. To see the residents light up with joy when they see these children walk in is truly a heartwarming experience, and something this world needs more of. I am so grateful for this program.

Alan Schilt

Mar Vista

Thank you for the great article about the Grand Pals program at the Culver City Sunrise. It is so nice to see people like Sherri and Paola get positive attention for a program that has become so important to many of the residents. I know my mother lights up when the preschoolers arrive! It is heartwarming to see some of the really positive things that are going on in the community highlighted in this way.

Nancy Kuechle

Culver City