Promises, Promises …

Re: “Ted Lieu’s Plan of Attack for the New Congress,” Interview, Jan. 3

So now that the Dems control the House, Rep. Lieu says they will “work on a positive agenda to reduce health care costs, invest in infrastructure, raise people’s wages, and root out corruption in Washington D.C.” Doesn’t this sound just like the promises we’ve heard from both parties over the past 30 years, with so little accomplished? They over-promise and under-deliver consistently. Is it any wonder that the latest Gallup Poll reported that the congressional approval rating is 11%?

Glynn Morris

Playa del Rey


Re: “Hal’s Bar & Grill is Suddenly out of Business,” posted Dec. 28 (Comments via Facebook)

Really is a shame. Just as disappointing, the Runway shopping area is now being referred to as “troubled.” Which it is. The rents being charged are obscene, which results in a decline in tenancy.

Patti Londre

The commercial rental market is in for a big adjustment. Nothing is worth what they are asking. Look at Main Street in Santa Monica — it’s turning into a ghost town. Developers and rental management companies better put their seatbelts on and get ready for a rough ride.

Christopher Hazard

This is beyond sad. It was a Venice icon.

Jeanne Ford

Two more restaurants gone on AK. Sad the only businesses that can survive are luxury retail loss-leaders there for the address.

Adam Herscher