Not Amused

Re: “Fast Friends: The Eskimo Sisters bring ballsy humor to The Reckoning Rally,” This Week, Jan. 17

Why would The Argonaut print this article? How does this help the #MeToo cause or young ladies and young men growing up? You have the interviews of young women and their thoughts, then you turn to the Eskimo Sisters. I can’t believe this is the opinion of a large educated percentage of the millennials.

Their comments that they slept with the same guy … their jokes are about tampons … and quote “No, I can be sexy and talk about sexy stuff, but I can also say that I just took a sh*t.” Not my words. The Argonaut printed this! Real nice if younger kids get their hands on your free paper at every corner in the marina.

This is nothing but a disgusting advertisement for the Eskimo Sisters and their show. Who did they know to get a page and a quarter in this paper? Obviously your paper is running out of community issues so that you have to print this. In my opinion, their explanation of “ballsy humor” does not belong in the free community paper describing them in their multifaceted light. If you’re that interested, by all means … buy a ticket.

Leslie Clarke, Marina del Rey


Re: “This is Our Stand: Teachers say the strike is about improving learning conditions for students,” News, Jan. 17

“Teachers shouldn’t be striking against LAUSD, says Melvoin, but the California Legislature and the governor’s office — which control 90% of LAUSD’s funding.” And Board of Education members shouldn’t be bought and paid for by charter organizations, or supporting an agenda that encourages segregation and privatization.

Fiona Engler

Re: “A New Vision for the Heart of Venice: Renee Davidson Community would replace the parking lot at Venice and Pacific,” News, Jan. 10

The architect said “… the project’s design was inspired by Venice’s tradition of social activism and diverse artistic expression.” I suppose if artistic expression and social activism is expressed by cement blocks and looking like an Auschwitz prison camp extending almost three acres, with barely a patch of green, then I suppose he’s spot on. The article mentions that “34 apartments for low-income artists” will be set aside. Who decides what and who is an artist? Does this include writers, poets and dancers?

Eva Greene

People have a right to not want stuff like this in their back yard. It costs $1 million for a fixer-upper in Mar Vista, and you have tent cities around the corner. It costs $4 million for a home on the canals that’s less than 2,000 square feet, and you have people shooting up drugs in their free housing around the corner. Meanwhile, we pay the highest taxes in the nation, and for what? Representation of people who crap on the sidewalk? Putting free and affordable housing in an extremely expensive area makes no sense. More could be done with the money in the inner city.