Don’t Ban Scooters, Redesign Helmets

Re: “Scooter Injuries Are Piling Up,” News, Feb. 7

Let’s face it: Scooters are here to stay because they fill a critical need for short distance commuting, and most people are not going to carry with them a Snell-approved helmet as they head to or from work, school or play.

It seems to me that safety experts need to be seeking to develop a helmet that is easy to carry, perhaps because it can be folded. Yes, it would not provide the protection of a hard-shell helmet, but I suspect it would be widely adopted if it reduced probability of serious lacerations or concussions when the head meets concrete during a simple tumble or slow-speed fall.

Some protection is certainly better than no protection, as long as it doesn’t give the user a false sense of security.

Michael Ernstoff, Mar Vista

No Longer Feeling Welcome in the Marina

Re: “No News Was Bad News” News, Feb. 7

It’s really amazing that no one thought to advise residents about what was going on with the oil well blowout and gas leak on Via Marina as these events were happening. Yesterday in the same area they cut a water line to my apartment building. It appears that Marina del Rey no longer cares about its residents. All that seems to matter is how many overpriced 500-unit apartment complexes they can squeeze into an already overcrowded place.

Soon the marina will no longer be attractive for families or older adults — only young people willing to squeeze themselves three at a time into a one-bedroom apartment, with lots of turnover. Transients welcome, all others move elsewhere.

We pay a fortune to live in lousy conditions on a daily basis thanks to construction and missteps by construction crews. It’s so sad that current residents are being priced out of a place we used to love.

Barbara Steinberg, Marina del Rey