Why Let a Man Live at a Bus Stop?

I am a long-term resident of Playa del Rey. Why have we as a community and the police, supposedly here to serve and protect, turned a blind eye to vagrancy and loitering? I am fully aware of the laws on the books and the statements of Mayor Eric Garcetti. Never-theless, for close to a year now a gentleman has literally lived at the bus stop at Culver Boulevard and Vista Del Mar.

This individual sleeps, eats, entertains guests and solicits donations from his perch. He gets to live a block from the beach, while contributing absolutely nothing. Interesting that he is a chain smoker, and one may assume that his daily cup of coins goes more towards cigarettes than improving his lot.

Over the same timeframe — actually longer now — a woman has claimed a bench across the street from the Waterside at Marina del Rey shopping complex as her home. These are but two of a multitude in the Del Reys.

Homelessness is not a local, regional, or national issue. It’s a global problem. Alternatives are many. How about we open many of the closed military bases in this country for these folks? They could live, grow food, and enjoy community and shelter.

The feds need to collar this problem; screw the ACLU. We don’t need to keep planning shelters in areas where permanent taxpaying residents have already voiced their displeasure.

There is no problem with having empathy for homeless. The problem is we are enabling them when we give them money and allow them to live free where the average working person is unable to buy or even rent a home.

Stu Bentley

Playa del Rey