Empathy is a Relative Thing

Re: “There’s a Mob Outside the Santa Monica Library,” Letters, March 14

Just a quick note in response to concerns about the homeless relieving and more generally expressing themselves in the area: How heartless of you to bring these subjects to light!
You could simply take an extra doggy bag when you venture outside. Would it kill you to make sandwiches for them?
All of us who stand virtually horizontally to the left (forget leaning) do this. Well, you know, unless these folks are within 50 feet of our homes, in which case we support a lovely “center for them” — in Borrego Springs.

Tony Lynn

Santa Monica

Sorry, We’re Full

Re: “The Next Big Thing: Bonin says housing complex planned for Marina Marketplace is ‘drastically oversized,’” News, March 14

L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin deserves our support for his opposition to this monster.

In case you’ve not been counting, the current rebuilds on Panay Way and Marquesas Way will soon add about 1,800 cars to our band of happy drivers where there were less than 800 several years ago (and about zero during the past couple years of construction). Many of these drivers will add to the fun at the Lincoln-Washington intersection. Twice daily. These two rebuilds will add about 10% to the population of the immediate area. Paseo Marina will add a similar amount.

Time to put up a sign that says “Sorry, We’re Full.” I mean, who could want this other than the developers and the folks that deposit the tax revenue? If you’re with Mike, please let him know.

Tom Zimmerman

Marina del Rey