Nipsey Hussle Shouldn’t Die in Vain

On one side of the 90 Freeway you have Marina del Rey, a thriving community where investors jump at the chance to build luxury housing and start new businesses.

Drive east on the 90 until you hit Slauson Avenue, near the old Fox Hills mall, then continue heading east for a few more miles. You will find yourself in a very different part of Los Angeles — one that has been starving for investment for many decades.

Here at the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw Boulevard is where the famous rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed on Sunday in front of his clothing store in a shopping center he owned. He could have left the neighborhood after making all his money, but instead he stayed so he could invest in his community and make it a better place for the people who live there.

New money can chase poor people away like it has in Venice and Mar Vista and Marina del Rey, but it can also make life better for them if investors would not be so greedy and selfish. Who will step up to finish what Nispey Hussle started? There should be some kind of investment fund for the area in his name. Ball’s in your court, Silicon Beach.

Fairy Godfather

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A Victory for Mother Earth

Re: “The Green New Deal Comes Home,” Opinion, Feb. 28

L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s decision to eventually shut down the Scattergood Power Generation Plant establishes his leadership in the movement to combat climate change. For neighbors who remain unaware of the public health dangers associated with Scattergood, this column helps shine a light on the problem.

Kay Foster, Mar Vista