Ballona Family Photo

I witnessed this family of four crossing busy Culver Boulevard at about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. I’m glad everyone stopped
for them!

Kim Shockley

El Segundo

Ideas Without Accountability

Re: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Push for Electric Cars

So, before Garcetti goes off on another failed initiative, shouldn’t he be held accountable to produce something that works? Zero traffic deaths, road diets, homeless housing … with this latest news, his next initiative will be to remove the unexpected animal excrement from the streets after we’re back on horse-drawn carts.

Is anyone going to hold these people responsible for any results? That would be you, the press. Please do your jobs.

Bill Hart

Marina del Rey

Selfishness Cloaked as Altruism

Re: “It’s Time for Los Angeles to Reconsider Digital Billboards,” Letters, April 18

I’m planning on building a prison in letter writer Linda Roth’s neighborhood. I need all you readers’ support. I will give some of the profit to my disabled war veteran father, some more to a few key politicians, and stuff the rest in my pocket. It will benefit my community greatly because I don’t live near Linda Roth. If she has a problem with it then she is obviously against war veterans like my father making lots of money from his son trashing the quality of life in someone else’s neighborhood. It’s un-American to oppose me making tons of money at someone else’s expense.

Sarcastically yours,

Rex Frankel


Rest in Peace, Jenny

Re: “Living as Fast as She Could,” In Memoriam, April 11

Great article. While I never actually met Jenny in person, I did have many email communications with her over the past few years because I mastered both of Roses & Cigarettes’ full-length albums. I was aware that she was battling cancer but had no idea she was in such dire straits. She’s absolutely one of the most courageous and inspirational people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing — such a rich and giving soul, and so talented. Her passing is truly heartbreaking. RIP Jenny.

Mike Milchner