Vote for Change in Mar Vista

Re: Upcoming Neighborhood Council Elections in Mar Vista

As the June 2 Mar Vista Community Council election approaches, some ethical questions are appearing as well. The prevalence of candidates showing up at committee meetings that they have never before attended, only to introduce themselves and tell us of their candidacy, is questionable. In one instance a candidate has interfered with the Homeless Issues Committee work to allow a speaking opportunity for his candidacy, in conflict with giving the public needed information on homelessness in Mar Vista.

The question of why the election is being held at the Mar Vista Recreation Center rather than the Mar Vista Farmers Market, where there would likely be more participation, is unresolved in some minds. The thought of voter suppression occurs as an explanation.

Mar Vista might be well served by voting only for new faces — a “throw the bums out” approach. Nonetheless, let us all be aware of the candidates forum happening from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 11, at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church … and then the big prize: voting for a new Mar Vista Community Council on Sunday, June 2.

Robin Doyno, Mar Vista

Editor’s Note: Doyno is a member of the Mar Vista Community Council and its committees on Homeless Issues and Elections & Bylaws.

Mind Your Dog’s Business

Why is it that dog owners always take their dogs to other people’s lawns to “do their business”? This seems to be the premise of walking a dog: While you’re at it, why not go on a stranger’s lawn? I suggest dog owners let their dog go on their own grass, then take the relieved animal for a stroll.

Al Wiseman, Playa del Rey