Too Good to Be True

Re: “Who Do We Think We Are?” Opinion, May 23

Will Hawkins claimed that provocateurs who raised $200,000 to obstruct a homeless facility in Venice could have housed around 400 people for that “staggering” amount, which would be close to half of the current homeless population of Venice.

If that’s true, then why is Los Angles spending $8 million to house 154 people at the MTA lot, or $500,000 for each unit at the Monster by the Sea on Venice Boulevard?

Let’s put Will in charge and have him house most of Venice’s homeless for $400,000!

Carol Katona


City Hall is Asleep at the Wheel

Re: “Not for Tourists: One of Venice’s oldest apartment buildings is barred from operating as a short-term rental,” News, May 23

As undeniably great as it was to see the property owner’s appeal shot down so decisively, it’s important to acknowledge that there is still zero enforcement from the city. There are 50(!) residentially zoned, rent-stabilized apartments here that could literally go on the rental market tomorrow. This story is very far from over.

The lack of enforcement is downright shameful. Hopefully, our new Venice Neighborhood Council will help to correct this ASAP.

Brian Averill


Welcome to ‘Democrat Nirvana’

Re: “Red State Democrat Tim Ryan Meets the Left Coast,” Cover Story, May 9

If Rep. Tim Ryan wants to see the net result of total Democratic rule — where they make the rules, regulations and laws, and you wind up with the disparity of the uber rich and the very poor due to policies that have been in place long before Trump came on the scene — Venice is Democrat nirvana. The middle class that he is trying to reach are all leaving because of the taxes and regulations that Democrats have put in place.

David Mamann