LAUSD Needs an Education

Re: “Vote Yes on Measure EE,” Editorial, May 30

It is a NO vote on Measure EE for me. The more money LAUSD is given, the more they have to waste. This ballot measure allows tax money to be spent on administrative services. There is no guarantee one penny will be used to reduce class sizes or pay for more nurses and librarians. Before we even voted, Supt. Austin Beutner sent a letter with an application for the Senior Citizen exemption. If this measure fails, this expense is a total waste. Then why was taxpayer money wasted on placing a single measure on the ballot? LAUSD could have waited until November to do this. What LAUSD really needs is a lesson on how to wisely spend the money they already have.

Evelyn Hatt

Mar Vista

Tim Ryan Has Good Ideas

Re: “Red State Democrat Tim Ryan Meets the Left Coast,” Cover Story, May 9

Recently I was on a holiday in Venice and found The Argonaut at a place where I was eating. I particularly liked the story with Rep. Tim Ryan discussing homelessness and his comments that in schools there should be more consideration of social-emotional subjects. I love his ideas.

Irene van Dobbenburgh

The Netherlands


Don’t Restrict Voter Choice

Re: Our May 30 criticism of Venice Neighborhood Council’s wonky at-large election system

Tamra Haby Johnson: I don’t know all of history (can guess as to why they went this way), but it seems a cumulative voting option would be better. 13 open seats should have 13 points to distribute among candidates.

Angela McGregor: I have to say that I agree with them about the one-vote system. I understand that there was a reason for implementing it 10 years ago, but now it merely violates voter rights and favors single-issue candidates.

Ideology is Everything

Re: Our May 30 criticism of Venice United candidates

Allan Parsons: Anyone who stumps for a cleaner, safer Venice has my vote! Thanks for doing my legwork for me (Travis Binen, Chris Zonnas).

James J. Gutierrez: I for one applaud Travis Binen for not letting anything stop him on his goal towards a safer Venice!

Carol Hampton Reynes: I was there … were you? Travis merely wanted to get into a meeting he had every right to be in, but some brave dudes told a bunch of young women to try to hold him back. Frankly, if that’s what’s considered assault today, then I have to go now — I have a ton of assault claims I need to file.

Marta Evry: So you regularly lay your hands on women and push them out of your way? Good to know.

Rick Garvey: I was there and witnessed him being an a**hole.

Carol Hampton Reynes: I would’ve acted like an a**hole too if I were being lied to and denied my rights.

WESTSIDE STORIES: ‘The Stressed, the Blessed and the Hot-Messed’

I’m heading south on Main Street and am about to make a left turn eastbound on Rose Avenue. I have a green light, so it’s my time to go. Out of nowhere, this woman decides she wants to go against the grain and walk across the street as I’m making the left.

She has the nerve to flip me off as if I did something wrong, so I step on the brakes, roll down the window on the passenger side and ask her: “Why are you crossing the street now? That’s not very safe. I could’ve hit you.”

She walks up to my rolled down window, looks right at me and (ready for this?) her answer is: “… ’Cause I’m a local, bitch!!” And then she storms off.

I laughed so hard, I almost had to pull over.

So I guess if you’re a local you don’t have to obey the laws and can do whatever you want. I’ll remember that next time I’m out for a walk.

Never a dull moment on the Westside — land of the stressed, the blessed and the hot-messed!

Mia Duncans, Mar Vista