CORRECTION: Our June 13 story about Santa Monica’s Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team misspelled the name of city of Santa Monica senior administrative analyst Brian Hardgrave. While the Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team is city-funded, The People Concern is the contracted partner to operate the team, and The People Concern contracts with Venice Family Clinic to provide field-based services.

It’s Getting Scary Out There

Re: “58,936 – Homelessness is spiraling out of control in Greater Los Angeles,” Cover, June 13

I have written to L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin a couple of times now, voicing my concerns about the drastic decline of Marina del Rey and Venice. The homeless are taking over in so many undesirable ways — stealing, defecating anywhere, damaging property, sleeping wherever they choose, lining the streets with their trash and belongings, and even physically attacking people.I have been attacked twice now on my weekly walks. Both attacks happened on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The most recent incident occurred at 9 a.m. Sunday, and this time we had to call the police because my walking partner was injured and unable to walk. About 10 police officers and four firemen responded.

The incident involved a crazy homeless man swearing very aggressively and lunging at my girlfriend and me. He was obviously trying to scare and terrify us. He was holding things in both hands, and we thought he was going to stab us. The whole experience was very, very frightening — so much so that we will not be going near Abbot Kinney until this anarchy is dealt with.

Housing these people in an already over populated area is not the answer. It will encourage more to come, and things will only get worse. Los Angeles has many surrounding areas with vast expanses of vacant land. Surely building a shelter there is the smarter choice.

Jennifer Jane White, Venice

A Careless Mixed Message

Re: “58,936 – Homelessness is spiraling out of control in Greater Los Angeles,” Cover, June 13

As a 30-year resident of Playa del Rey, I read your paper frequently. I find your last cover utterly tasteless, insensitive and offensive. You mention homelessness spiraling out of control on top of the page, and advertise a $2.4-million house on the bottom — a home that a lot of hardworking people can only dream of. As a neighborhood paper aspiring to represent community values, you owe your readers an apology.

Jay Unger, Playa del Rey

Why Leave Them Out?

Re: “Neighborhood Council Election Results,” News, June 13

Although you mention that the Mar Vista Community Council election was for 13 seats, you name just nine representatives who won seats. It would have been really nice if you had also informed your readers of the other four winners:

Holly Tilson of the Stand up for Stakeholders slate, won as an unopposed incumbent.

Martin Rubin, who was not part of a slate, won the Zone 2 director seat against a Mar Vista Makes Waves slate opponent.

Rob Kadota, not on a slate, was reelected as an at-large director.

Kathryn Wheeler, new to the board and not on a slate, also won an at-large director seat.

Congratulations and good luck to all.

Charles Blum, Santa Monica


Re: “58,936 – Homelessness is spiraling out of control in Greater Los Angeles,” Cover, June 13

Sheena Duggal: Thank you, Argonaut, for this headline. Keep screaming it!

Shanna Jones: Drug addicts need rehab. The mentally ill need professional mental health facilities. Homeless need low-income housing and job assistance. They don’t have the same issues; they don’t need the same solutions.

Re: “A Crisis of Creative Thinking,” Editorial, June 13

Will Hawkins: Nice job, although all I’ve been hearing since the release of the homeless count number is how we need more housing. Yeah … we do need housing, but how about we create some prevention programs so we can stop people from becoming homeless in the first place?

Billy Kay: You are right, Will Hawkins, but it’s a two-pronged assault: brush-clearing and firefighting. The first mitigates the need, but our encampments are the five-alarm blaze.

Heidi Roberts: Thank you for bringing some truth to this crisis and syndrome! I would add that Haaven (my organization) has proposed housing
450 people in a year at a cost of less than $5,000 per person. Not one Los Angeles City Council member has even bothered to respond to the proposal, including Mike Bonin. Lots of words crafted for the press and zero action
in reality. In other words, politics as usual in the midst
of a humanitarian crisis. It’s
just gross.

Ken Marek: If you’re among local residents whose patience has been worn thin by the ineffective actions of our city leaders, consider signing the “Recall City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for Inaction On The Homeless Crisis” petition at