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Re: “Fisherman’s Village has a New Suitor: Managers of Runway at Playa Vista begin talks to take over lease from Pier 44 redeveloper,” News, July 3

Pat Dasteel: Great! Fisherman Village could be a nice location but is long overdue for updating.

Stacy Veenis Hensel: What was once a thriving and bustling marina is now an embarrassing remnant of its former self. I would be thrilled to see it renovated.

Yanitz Rubin: Amen, Stacy. Been waiting for this for eons. It’s some of the best, most beautiful real estate in Southern California. Let’s make it happen already.

Norbert Kubilus: The problem is that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors is hell bent on making Marina del Rey into Miami West with high density housing, hotels, and other development without regard to environmental impact or quality of life. Where’s the light rail to Culver City or Santa Monica that Marina del Rey needs?

Kathleen Edwards Jensen: Marina del Rey needs a circulator bus running in both directions — one that crosses Lincoln Boulevard.

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Re: “HOT TAKE: Is Oakwood Park Going to the Dogs?” News, June 27

I live across the street from the Oakwood Park and have two dogs that I keep leashed. There is not a week that goes by where we don’t hear the sound of dogs fighting and then the screams/shrieks of owners because their dog has been attacked. Last week, a German Shepard and another dog attacked a mini-labradoodle. The mini-doodle was so scared it ran out of the park, and several community people chased after with the owner to try and find the puppy. Now let me say again — I have two dogs, but Oakwood is not meant to be a dog park. It’s a park for kids, birthday parties and community events. Enough is enough. Either the police need to start ticketing at night or ban off-leash dogs altogether. It’s devastating to hear the fights and the yelling each week instead of enjoying the sounds of kids learning how to play soccer or throwing a baseball around.