Engine Company No. 95 to the Rescue

On my way to Ralphs last Saturday afternoon, I noticed a large 3’-by-10’ directional sign dangling precariously over the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Manchester Avenue, near the Union 76 station. A clamp holding the street sign had broken, and I feared a strong wind or the weight of the sign along would bring it falling into traffic lanes.

When I reached the grocery story, there were firefighters from Station 95 waiting in their truck while others shopped, and I decided to tell them about the hanging sign. On my way home, I noticed flashing red lights at the intersection. In less than 20 minutes these firefighters had removed the broken sign and rendered the situation safe.

Thank you to our local firefighters for keeping us safe not only from fires, but other potentially dangerous situations.

Glen Kacena



Re: “The Argonaut Poll: Do mass shootings make you less likely to attend (and bring your family to) large public events?” Aug. 1 to Aug. 8

Judecrossen: Yes. It is definitely making me hesitant about attending open public events. But if nothing changed after all those innocent children in Sandy Hook were murdered, then I don’t expect to see any change.

nosmoke.nomirrors: Yes. I am opting out of some events.

venicebeachdubclub: In the same 48 hours that 30 people were killed in “mass shootings,” 55 people were shot (seven of them killed) in Chicago gang violence. Government doesn’t fix these problems, families do. Don’t have kids out of wedlock, don’t get divorced, don’t allow violence glorifying media in your home, and don’t ever put your kids on psychoactive drugs.

kovar34n: From 2012 to 2015 there were almost 1,000 mass shootings. Lips were stapled
to ass.

Fieryfordeepblue: Hmm, maybe all of the violent video games people play over and over and over and over…